Kreševo – a mining town that maintains the tradition of decorating eggs with horseshoes

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The town of Kreševo is located in central Bosnia (in Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is 40 kilometers away from the capital Sarajevo. This city is located below the medieval fortress Bedem where the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomasevic and queen Katarina Kosaca were staying.
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The town of Kreševo with its surroundings has numerous hiking trails and trails suitable for mountain biking. This part of Bosnia and Herzegovina has numerous caves . All visitors to these areas can enjoy horseback riding, hunting and fishing.
Kreševo is a well-known town for centuries. There were numerous craftsmen here, for example the blacksmithing was the most important. The excellent masters of blacksmithing have turned their work into art. Today, in the modern times, Kreševo still maintains the tradition of decorating eggs with horseshoes.
Many attractions are present in and around Kresevo. You can visit the Franciscan monastery with St. Catherine’s church, necropolis with stećak tombstones and more.
Every year at the end of July, the International Outdoor Photo & Film Festival takes place in Kresevo. Then the best films and photos dedicated to nature and outdoor activities will be presented.
For more information, please visit
Tourist Office of Kreševo Municipality
Tel. (00 387) 63 245 235

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