Popular Japanese facial massage- Zogan

masaža lica
A Japanese facial massage called Zogan has been gaining popularity around the world lately. By using Zogan massage, you rejuvenate your face, eliminate puffiness, reduce wrinkles on your face and eyes. You form the correct contours of the skin, the skin becomes smooth and supple, you solve the problem of “other sub-face”. The word Zogan means “face creation” in Japanese. Zogan is a simple method, fast-learning, accessible to anyone, and takes five to seven minutes.
After two weeks of daily massage, you may notice the first positive results.
Such a strong effect is achieved by massaging certain “magical beauty points”.
1. Zogan lymph massage activates the toxin excretion, improves tissue blood circulation and releases it from excess fluid.
2. Deep massage of the facial muscles, which includes the technique of manual therapy, relaxes the muscles, has a beneficial effect on the skin and blood vessels of the face, strengthens and revitalizes them, tightens the contours of the face.
3. Massaging your face daily (5-7 minutes a day) will allow you to significantly rejuvenate your skin, eliminate small ones and significantly reduce deep wrinkles. You will get rid of puffiness, eye circles and other chin.
Zogan massage should be performed with the use of oil or massage cream, which is applied to a previously cleaned face.
It is recommended to use cotton oil called “golden oil”. It contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids. It is also rich in phytosterols, which gives it durability. It allows it to be absorbed into the skin with ease.

It leaves a special feeling of smoothness and is very light in texture and absorbs skin quickly. If you do not find cottonseed oil, you are free to use another vegetable oil, suitable for facial skin.
Contraindications to performing massage are diseases of the lymphatic system and skin diseases of the face.
If you have a cold, runny nose and fever – do not use Zogan massage as it primarily affects the lymphatic system, activating it.
The video below will show you how to properly do Zogan massage.
You don’t need a mirror. Look at your computer screen and repeat the movements until you remember. Set aside ten minutes of free time, relax and enjoy your rejuvenation!

Photo: http://www.deja.rs
Source: http://www.uspesnazena.com

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