Massage is healing and beneficial for all age groups

Research shows that 90% of illnesses are caused by daily stress. Massage is one of the best known methods of healing and relaxation. It relaxes the muscles, improves circulation, improves mood and eliminates toxic substances collected in the body. Massage increases work activity and productivity and lowers high blood pressure. Massage has had the best effect in low back pain, insomnia treatment, headache treatment and stress reduction.
Lymph massage – This is a type of massage to increase lymph circulation, venous circulation, detoxification and expel excess fluid. It is suitable for people with varicose veins and capillaries, eliminating the symptoms of “heavy legs”. It is useful in preventing and eliminating cellulite and boosting the immune system. The movements used in lymphatic massage are gentle and accompany the lymphatic system. They simulate the movement of fluid through the body.

Lymphatic massage can be done manually or with the aid of an apparatus.
The royal massage is called “4-arm massage” because it requires two therapists. One therapist creates movements the other follows him. In this way, they achieve a balance of fluid flow in the body. Both sides of the body are released at the same time. This massage contains relax massage, shiatza, aromatherapy and reflexology. It lasts 60 minutes. It removes stress and detoxifies the body.

Relax massage – most used. It is advisable for people who go for a massage for the first time. The therapist massages the surface joints of the muscles with long, smooth and circular movements with the help of oil or massage lotion. This type of massage is gentle and relaxing.

Shiatsu-Japanese massage in which the therapist puts pressure on a number of acupuncture points. In this way it acts (below skin and muscle levels) on the internal organs. It pushes every point and improves energy flow and returns the body to balance. This massage stimulates the flow of vital energy. Increasing it increases self-healing. Shiatsu has positive effects on stress, low back pain, migraines, obesity and chronic fatigue. This massage is performed over clothing on a hard surface.

Sports Massage – designed for athletes and anyone who is active in a sport. The main function of this massage is to prevent injuries (not relaxation) and increase sports opportunities. A combination of various techniques is used here. The movements of the therapist are faster and more intense than relax massage. They are focused on stretching muscles, which increases muscle elasticity.
Massage with volcanic stones – warm stones are arranged around the body to relax and regenerate the body. The therapist can massage the tense muscles and ligaments with warm stones. This type of massage is great for detoxification, against stress and tension, rheumatic problems, insomnia and PMS. Not recommended for pregnant women, high-pressure patients or heart patients.

Aromatherapy massage uses aromatic oils that are selected according to a person’s health problems. Massages are most commonly used for relaxation and anti-stress.
Anti-cellulite massage – this is the most effective way to get rid of cellulite. This massage improves circulation, strengthens the tissue and eliminates toxins. The massage lasts 30 to 40 minutes. It is done in a series of 10 related terms starting after the monthly cycle. As one batch is not enough, it is advised to use up to 3 batches. This is an intensive massage and the first massage therapies should be milder to avoid bruising on the body. After the treatment, the client wraps in foil and covers with a blanket. That’s 30 minutes.

Massages for insomnia and migraines
Ayurveda- This is an Indian massage where head and body massage is different. Head massage lasts for 10 to 15 minutes, while body massage lasts for 1 and 30 minutes. The best effect is achieved with seven massages in a row. It has beneficial effects against hair loss, treats insomnia, migraines, corrects wrinkles and cleanses the skin and the body.

Reflexology-performed on the feet. Certain points on the feet are pressed to stimulate the work of certain internal organs. The length of the massage is from 30 minutes to 50 minutes. This is a very relaxing massage. It has a beneficial effect on stress, digestive disorders, hormonal balance, insomnia, post-menstrual pain (PMS) back pain, and poor circulation.
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