3 Furniture Manufacturer Companies (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

naslovna kupatilo
Festa company
Festa company offers simple and modern design. Festa products are a combination of top quality and modern design.
FESTA d.o.o. is 100% family owned and staffed with professional training to provide you with superior service. The showroom, together with the warehouse, is located on a land area of 17,000 m2 along the regional road Doboj – Jelah – Teslic, from which distribution is made throughout BiH. On the opening day, Festa d.o.o. received the Gold Plaque for the most beautiful and largest showroom in Southeastern Europe. The warehouse, which is the largest in Southeastern Europe, always has over 800 doors to reduce your waiting period.
FESTA d.o.o. manufactures windows, doors, glass walls, sliding and security systems, sun protection, and garage and industrial doors, using quality profiles and thoughtful systems that tailor you.
Their engineers are ready to offer you creative solutions and expert advice, especially trained installers with precise, clean and fast performance.
They take care of every product from the first invoice to the inspection during assembly, and since they have confidence in everything created in their production, they give a guarantee on all products.
They also work with architects to provide technical support during the design phase.
Because doors, windows, glass walls … are of the utmost importance then they must be of the highest quality and design of the highest standard, so choose the best construction, excellent insulation and sealing offered by Festa d.o.o.
tabak 2
Tabak Design
tabak 3
“Tabak Dizajn” OBR SARAJEVO
Branislava Nušića 63, Dobrinja
71000, Sarajevo
Email: a_tabakovic@hotmail.com
Phone: +387 (61) 25 64 68
Viber: +387 (63) 25 64 68
Working Hours: Monday-Friday 07:30 – 18:30
Walls & Floors by Trgošped (Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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