The Museum of Woodcarving , The Neretva river and many other places in Konjic

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Konjic is usually called a natural boundary between Bosnia and Herzegovina. This town is located 60 kilometers from the capital Sarajevo. The river Neretva passes through Konjic town. Jablaničko Lake and Boračko Lake on Mt. Prenj are located near Konjic. The Neretva river is the perfect river for rafting and there are a lot of agencies offering rafting tours.
Konjic and its surroundings having lots of national monuments such as: a stećci necroplois, Kamena Ćuprija, Tekija Mosque, a Franciscan Monastery and the Church of St. John Baptist, The Temple of Basil of Caesarea. Among many city’s attractions are Tito’s Bunker and The Regional Museum. All those places are popular sights among many visitors and tourists.

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Tito’s Bunker:
Address: Stara čaršija bb, Konjic 88400
Working Hours: from 0 to 24
Telephone number: + 387 036 727-771

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The Museum of Woodcarving is located in Konjic. This traditional craft has been placed on UNESCO’s List of Intangible Heritage. The Nikić and Mulić families both have done the most to preserve and popularize a wood carving.
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