Manuka honey and Honey with bee venom

The best honey in the world comes from the Pacific – say honey experts. Rare plants contain unusual ingredients. Therefore, this honey provides valuable health to all who use it.
Honey coming from New Zealand trees has unusual ingredients. These ingredients contain high levels of phenolic compounds. This results in powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Manuka honey and Honey with bee venom are of particular quality.
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Onuku Manuka Honey Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 515+), New Zealand, 250g (8.8oz)
Price: $44.99 ($5.10 / Ounce)
• 🐝 NON-GMO HONEY: Called “liquid gold” by the food industry; Full of goodness, rich manuka honey from New Zealand
• 🐝 MADE IN NEW ZEALAND: Sourced from the fertile land of Tarawera indigenous to Maori people and supporting Maori economy
• 🐝 BENEFITS: Rich in mineral content and strong microbicidal properties due to a unique ingredient called methylglyoxal
• 🐝 CERTIFIED: UMF 15+/ MGO 515+ certified, 250 mg of methylglyoxal; Ideal accreditation for purity and quality only used by licensed producers
• 🐝 UNIQUE TRACKING SYSTEM: Our jars come with ApiTrak app to know exactly when and where your jar of liquid gold came from
slika 2

Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16+, 17.6 Ounce
manuka 3

Price: $29.50 ($1.68 / Ounce)
• MONOFLORAL HONEY: Our Manuka Honey is raw, never pasteurized, Non-GMO Project verified Manuka Honey, traceable from hive to home. Enjoy one 16.7 Oz BPA free, non-leaching poly jar filled with delicious KFactor 16 honey.
• NEW ZEALAND HONEY BEES: Over a period of six weeks, New Zealand honey bees are hard at work producing tons of honey consumed globally every year. Our honey is raw, Non-GMO project verified and every jar is sourced, packed and sealed in New Zealand for the ultimate in authentic quality.
• AUTHENTIC FLAVOR: As the honey crystals dissolve on your tongue, your taste buds will come alive as they recognize earthy notes and caramelized sugars. No need to refrigerate once opened.
• MULTIPLE USES: Our superfood is used for home “remedies”, DIY beauty regimes, energy for active lifestyles or drizzled on your favorite foods. In addition to the bold flavor profile; world renowned Manuka honey has naturally occurring live enzymes and is taken daily by many consumers including nutritionists and athletes.
• RAW HONEY: If you enjoy honey from Nature Nate’s, Steens, Manuka Doctor, Kiva, Comvita, Manuka Health, Three Peaks, Manukora, Happy Valley, & Bee’s Inn – Try Wedderspoon’s variety of delicious natural honey products and you will never go back!

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey SNAP-Packets, Certified UMF 10+, New Zealand (28 Count | On-The-Go Packets)

Price: $31.50 ($6.38 / Ounce)
• 28 On-The-Go Individual Snap Packets (UMF 10+ certified Raw Manuka Honey)
• Equivalent to methylgloxal (MGO) 260+
• GENUINE MANUKA HONEY: Harvested from the remote and pristine hills, forest, and coastal areas of New Zealand.
• Buying UMF rated Manuka honeys protects you from low grade honey (often labeled ‘active’ or ‘bio-active’)
• Product of New Zealand – Each batch is Independently Tested, Verified and Traceable.

Y.S. Organic Bee Farms Manuka Honey and Propolis – 20 Lozenges (Pack of 2)
slika 4
Price: $22.98 ($11.49 / Count)
• Manuka honey has been well known for its extraordinary beneficial properties.
• Bee Propolis is one of Nature’s richest sources of bioflavonoids for natural defense.

BunchaFarmers All Natural 100% Biodegradable Healing Manuka Honey and Oatmeal Gentle and Unscented Soap Bar (Made in Canada)
Price: $9.99
• GENTLE WITH NO ADDED SCENTS! This bar of soap is filled with ingredients to keep your skin soft and safe. Enjoy a light, natural smell from oatmeal!
• MADE WITH HEALING MANUKA HONEY! This 120g soap bar contains beneficial honey that comes from New Zealand and is known for its healing properties while also preventing bacterial damage
• ALL NATURAL,100% BIODEGRADABLE, SAFE! This handmade soap is filled with natural and safe ingredients to keep your skin healthy, clean, and moisturized
• GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN! All natural ingredients like coconut oil and palm oil help to sooth and moisturize your skin while the added oatmeal acts as an exfoliant to keep your skin smooth
• INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, canola oil, manuka honey, oatmeal

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