Handbag shop Zec (Made in Sarajevo)

Independent craft shop Zec (Made in Sarajevo)

The Zec family from Sarajevo has been in leatherworking business for more than 100 years. The brother and the sister (Haris and Saida Zec) both continue to produce handbags and other leather products they inherited from their father.

They opened the leather handbag shop in the old part of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1964 and the shop stands at the same place today.
Their products have been modoifed over the years and now their products match the contemporary worlds’ market. They are best known for their handbags made from real leather (calfskin, sheepskin and reptile leather). Their pdoucts also contain fragments from traditional Bosnian carpets. Bags are unique made with different pattern.
tašna zec
tašna 2
The Handbags shop “Zec” offers assortment of other products from leathers (backpacks, purses, suitcases, belts, wallets, slippers). This shop is also doing leather repairs.

The Address of Zec Handbags shop is:
Ćurčiluk Veliki 40
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
FB. SOR “Zec” Sarajevo
E-mail: saida_zec@hotmail.com
Tel. (387) 61 201 860

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