Cure sore joints and rheumatic pains with essential oils

Essential oils, apart from cosmetics, can be a useful and inexpensive drug.
Olive oil, lavender and camphor
Olive oil can help relieve muscle pain, whether inflamed after intense exercise or skiing, or after injuries and to reduce rheumatic pain. Dip lavender flowers in olive oil and bring camphor. All three ingredients are used as proven effective in painkillers. You can buy them without a doctor’s prescription and make the preparation at home.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Studies have confirmed that fresh extra virgin olive oil acts as a natural ibuprofen. This oil contains an oleocanthal substance that acts similar to ibuprofen. Extra virgin olive oil is increasingly added to painkillers in inflammatory degenerative bone and joint diseases.

Lavender essential oil
Lavender (Lavandula) helps to eliminate pain. In aromatherapy it is used to calm, relax and relieve feelings of tension. Lavender essential oil is used as an adjunct to rheumatic muscle pain, relieves migraines and headaches when applied to the temples and neck, forehead or skin behind the ears.

Camphor crystals with lavender and extra virgin olive oil

Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) is a whitish, crystalline substance of strong, penetrating odor. It is derived from the evergreen camphor tree, originally native to East Asia and North Africa. It speeds up circulation, cools and relieves pain. The characteristic ingredient is the so-called. pferde balms.
To make massage oil you need the following ingredients: 20g of fresh lavender flowers (or 10g of dry), 2.5 dl of extra virgin olive oil, 40 grams of camphor crystals. Preparation: The best effect is achieved by using freshly harvested lavender, ie lavender flowers (no matter what kind) in your own garden. If you do not have this option, buy dried lavender flower at a herbal pharmacy.
Fill a wide-necked bottle with flowers, cover them with olive oil to cover the flowers, cover with a lid or a plate. Leave in the summer sun (warm place) for two months.
Then strain the oil through the gauze. Thoroughly squeeze the oil residues from the flowers. Dip the oil into dark bottles that seal tightly. Store in a dark, cooler place. You get great skincare oil that rubs in the evening after a shower. It will act to calm and help with insomnia.
Painful places
If necessary, separate the amount to be used for the massage of the painful sites – mix 40 grams of camphor crystals in 2.5 dl of this oil. They can be obtained from pharmacies. Crush camphor crystals. Mix well in the oil to dissolve. Strain them through a gauze that will hold any unsolved crystals. Massage as needed – no restrictions on use. This will eliminate rheumatic pains and muscle aches.

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