Long play format is not history

The popular saying goes that one who does not risk (does not invest) does not profit (invest). Each of our investment decisions carries some risk. The risk is that the desired goal will not be achieved, that the return on investment will not be realized. Risk is as natural as it is natural to invest. The risk should be aware, it should be able to be assessed and managed. We do this intuitively every day of our lives.
Long play format popular vynil has thirty-three rpm. Back in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s, our everyday life revolved with rhythms and lyrics.
Turntables were our investment. And no one really understood why at a time when everything was “in the clouds” or on miniature “storage”. Today, long play format can be purchased in second hand shops. Long play have become a hidden heritage of musical culture. Many still have and keep their rich collections of records that they have made, received as a gift, or inherited from some family members. Analog audio storage always contains high-quality copies that only fans of this investment could know. Today, in a digital-oriented world, many consider this a rusty and dusty technology.
We listened to gramophone records on turntables. The needle was consuming the board by going through its furrows. After a few minutes of listening, the turntable would skip.
However, thanks to enthusiasts, LP music record shops exist today everywhere in the world.
Karma Music & Movie Posters Shop Zagreb (Croatia)
Karma Music & Movie Posters Shop is a trade and publishing business and internet shop in Zagreb, specializing in the sale and purchase of used turntables, CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes (MCs), film and music magazines, movie posters, and other film and music memorabilia. Currently in stock, which we are expanding with new titles every day, we have more than 30,000 enrolled items and about 10,000 more unregistered items, which are on various sales.
Our main goal is to offer discofiles and listeners the widest possible range of titles from the complete music scene, both domestic and foreign, as well as rare, easy-to-find editions and top quality fitness. For those who want to buy cheap we offer thousands of cheap and in the catalog of unlisted items, starting from 1 kuna. For larger quantities we give the opportunity to negotiate directly for the price.
We buy small and large collections of gramophone records, we offer a fair price in our shop in Zagreb on Trešnjevka (across from Stara Trešnjevka Park) at Podgorska 3 (from Ozaljska street you can see our shop, the front of the store is in glass with a distinctive yellow logo with or peace sign) or we come to your address. For any additional information please contact us by email, call us by phone or stop by our store!
• Adresa: Podgorska 3, 10000 Zagreb
• Telefon: +385 1 3633685
• E-mail: karmavinil@karmavinil.com
• E-mail: archie-vinyl@inet.hr
• Monda – Friday 9.00h – 20.00h
• Saturday 10.00h – 15.00h
• Sundays and Holidays-closed

Woodstock Shop Zagreb (Croatia)
In addition to sales, we also buy turntables. We are always interested primarily in well-preserved LP panels and singles with entire covers, and the panels themselves which have no dash per se, damage or the like. We have many queries about how much we pay for plates. We can tell you that we pay from 10-50 kuna per LP panel from the genres of rock, jazz, soul, pop and the like. It is important for single plates to have whole envelopes. We are not interested in entertainment and folk music and classics, except for the classics of outdoor production. For larger collections of plates, an immediate bargain applies. For a quick contact, send an SMS to 0955135044. Thank you!
Magaza Shop Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
http://www.recordstoreday.com http://www.magaza.com.ba
We are a retailer operating since 1989. Our store is located in the heart of Sarajevo’s Old Town. Our main primary business focuses on a full-time physical store location, and our product line consists of 70% music retail (music, instruments and musical souvenirs). We also sell online via our website http://www.magaza.com.ba We are not publicly traded and our ownership is 100% located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are also an independent music publisher. We believe we are uniquely positioned in our country and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this year’s Record Store Day!
. Magaza is definitely the best music shop in town, a very rare one which did not follow the explosion of bad taste from which music scene in ex-Yugoslavia suffers: so-called “turbo-folk”. Here it is still possible to find classical music & opera CDs and DVDs, chansons, as well as musical instruments

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