10 tips for first time visitors / tourists to Sarajevo

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1.If you are visiting Sarajevo (the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina) for the first time, consider hiring a travel guide. Travel guides are good connoisseurs of the history, cultural sights of the city and have great tips on what to see, buy, look at, what sites to visit. Sarajevo consists of four municipalities. For example, a visitor will need an app. three days to visit all the sights in Stari Grad Municipality (Hadži-Sinan Tekija, Trg Baščaršija, objects within the Sarajevo Museum, Saburina House, etc.).2016-01-11 09.18.32
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2.The first association with Sarajevo is the Baščaršija-colorful part of the city with so many different colors. This is also the most attractive part of the city. Otherwise, the old part of Sarajevo and the center of the city exude the atmosphere of a world metropolis. The most interesting buildings were built in the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian periods on the route from Baščaršija to Mariin Dvor where the most important institution of the city is located – the National Museum. Who wants to get to know the history of these areas and the city of Sarajevo – visit the largest museum in Sarajevo – the National Museum.2016-01-11 09.22.53
2016-01-11 09.23.15
3.If you love souvenirs, you can find numerous souvenirs in the old part of the city, among them the most famous souvenir of the city is Sarajevo Cube. You can buy a set for Bosnian coffee or some handicraft by the famous Sarajevo artisans.
Among other unusual buildings in the city, you can visit the City Hall, the Emperor’s Mosque, the Bey’s Mosque, the Isa-beg’s Hamam, the Mevlevi’s Tekija, the Bakr-Baba’s Mosque, the Moric Khan, the Art House of Sevdah. Brusa Bezistan, Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus, Church of Sts. Ante, Svrzo’s house that breathes the breath of old times … et al.2016-01-11 09.25.30
2016-01-11 09.23.46
2016-01-11 09.19.42
4.In winter you can enjoy skating on Zetra or skiing and other winter sports on the more dangerous mountain Bjelašnica or the gentle mountain Jahorina.
The specificity of Sarajevo lies in the perfect blend of history, tradition and culture that is hard to imagine in any other European city. Here, the intertwining of cultures can be seen and felt in all parts of the city.
5.Your perfect morning will be if you take a stroll through the deserted city streets after dawn. You can have your first morning coffee at Hotel Europa, Konyali Restaurant or one of the many other cafes.
6.If you get tired of the bustle of the city and the hustle and bustle, you can also visit the nearby Trebevic Mountain, visit Dobre vode, Pino Hotel, Brus or Vidikovac, which offers the most beautiful view of the city of Sarajevo.
7.Every visitor to Sarajevo should try some of the famous traditional dishes and (stews, khash, krzatma, … etc) and pastries (baklava) in the pastry shops, cafes and restaurants that have been in the business for decades.
8.The city of Sarajevo is charming and beautiful at the same time. He is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Sarajevans are very generous and nice people. In Sarajevo, you will happen to take a taxi and have no money to pay your driving bill, while a taxi driver will tell you “You will pay another time.”
9.Sarajevo has nurtured multiethnicity for centuries, and wherever the visitor goes, it will be nice. People rejoice when they come to Sarajevo and all return here.
10. If you have a day extra, take a trip to some inetersting neighboor’s places (Ilidža, Mostar, Počitelj, Stolac, Travnik…etc.).

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