10 unusual facts about Ukraine

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1.Ukraine is one of the countries with the largest population in Europe (up to 44.5 million people). This is the largest country on the continent of Europe. In 1931, there were more Ukrainians (81 million) than Russians in the Soviet Union, not including western Ukraine.23.04.2014 003
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Ukraine is known for its fantastic cuisine. The most famous dish in Ukraine is called Vareniky – a traditional Ukrainian recipe (small rolls of dough or macaroni in which you can wrap virtually any combination). The second most famous dish is Chicken Kiev.
2.If you are a coffee lover- come to Ukraine. All the cities / towns in the country have small shops where you can drink coffee from your feet. These traffics are located literally every 15-20 meters.23.04.2014 011
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The main street in Kiev is called Khreshchatyk. That is the shortest main street of any capital city in the world. It is also the widest street that has changed its name seven times, making it Europe’s leading main street in three categories.
3.Ukraine is a safe country. It has a lower crime rate than most European countries. Unlike the average 30-40% of crimes solved by police in Europe, 90% are solved by the police in Ukraine.
The people of Ukraine are smiling, open-minded and kind. They are ready to assist the guest / traveler at any time.23.04.2014 033
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4.The two-tone Ukrainian flag is yellow and blue in color – symbols for Ukrainian granaries and the sky. Thousands of years ago, Russians and Ukrainians were one people. As history is a complex and strange process that is constantly changing and happening, changing people and their groups. The same thing happened with Russians and Ukrainians. Russia and Ukraine have for the last six or seven centuries built a related, similar but separate identity.23.04.2014 031
Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian belong to the group of East Slavic languages. 5.The Ukrainian language is similar to Russian even though it is not identical. They use an almost identical alphabet, though Ukrainian has more letters; they have a large number of similar words and a similar grammatical structure.
The first university in Eastern Europe was opened in Ukraine Ostrog in 1576. The Ukrainian language is softer and resembles Polish. There are some additional grammar rules that do not exist in Russian (extra futur and past tense, different syntax, extra voices and contributions that would sound strange to Russians). Also, the Russian “g” is in Ukrainian the most common “h”.Due to the historical fact that Ukraine has been under Moscow’s rule for a long period, almost all Ukrainians speak Russian. Ukrainian nationalists often refuse to use Russian.
6.Culturally and historically, Ukrainians (except Russia) are associated with Poland, Lithuania and Austria. Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians. There are Roman Catholics and Greek Catholics. Greek Catholics are Orthodox who acknowledge the supreme authority of the pope. They are settled in the west of the country.23.04.2014 044
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7.Folk costume and architecture is different from Russian construction. There is a difference between the Ukrainian “Kate” and the Russian “Izbe” in appearance and construction. The architecture of western Ukraine is significantly different from the architecture in cities located in other parts of the country. These differences are the result of the rule of the Poles and Austro-Hungarians in the western territory.
8.The Russians call Ukrainians “hohol,” which is a derogatory term that could be translated as “peasantry.” Ukrainians do not have a parallel name for Russians.
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9.The geographical center of Europe is located in western Ukraine (near the small town of Rakhiv-Rahov). The Ukrainian trembite instrument is the longest instrument in the world and can be up to three meters long. Ukraine has the longest trolley line, as high as 86km. In this country, one quarter of the world’s black salt resource is located. Ukraine has a temperate continental climate.
10.When you come to Ukraine you will find an interesting and unusual historical story about all its places and cities. You will be enchanted by the many museums, buildings, beautiful churches, cultural sites and beautiful scenery.
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