Let’s recycle everything we can and help nature

2019-07-05 07.52.11
The old saying goes -“Nature remembers everything. How we treat nature, nature gives us back.” 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced each year. One garment truck shakes or burns every second. The production of clothing requires huge amounts of water, international transport and a lot of work. We discard these same clothes after a few months / years. This is why recycling has been talked about a lot lately. Each person can help in their own way. With small changes we can all help nature reduce the amount of water and energy needed for tarnsport textiles. We can recycle a lot of items ourselves and slow down the fast fashion industry.
17 million barrels of oil are used each year to produce disposable water bottles. Our first step may be to buy high quality recycled plastic bottles (look for recycled bottles). Such a bottle is recyclable, minimizing its environmental impact. Recycling companies embody a commitment to sustainable development and enable consumers to make choices that help them protect the environment.
By using a recycled bottle you become part of a positive change and save the planet.
When it comes to clothes, always think about the materials you buy. Flax is a great material that can withstand years. It dries faster than cotton and other materials. Today, almost three quarters of total flax plant production is grown in the EU where pesticides are not used. It takes less water to grow flax than to grow cotton. You can always use canvas so-called statement bags instead of plastic bags. Canvas bags are useful and cheap.
When it comes to Jeans clothes, we all buy it and love it. Still, hundreds of gallons of water and loads of chemicals are needed for our jeans clothes to have a flushed denim look. When shopping for jeans clothes, look for a tag „recycled“ clothing pieces to contribute to less pollution.


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