The most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina (photo+video)

Waterfall in the center of Jajce – Waterfall existed before the town of Jajce. According to the amount of tufa, it is believed that the waterfall was created 50,000 years ago. There is a story that Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, when he was erecting the town of Jajce, wrote a letter to his wife, who was in a fortress near Livno. He wrote that he would make the most beautiful city in Bosnia. This is the only waterfall in the world located downtown. This makes it specific and unique. It is one of the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
Below the waterfall, the Pliva River flows into the Vrbas, after which they continue together towards the Sava River.
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The Pliva River makes many small cascades (waterfalls). The last cascade is about 20 meters high waterfall, which is a symbol of the city of Jajce and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every year the international event “Jumping from the Waterfall” is traditionally held here.

Kravice Waterfall- is one of the most beautiful pearls in the Balkans. During the summer, this natural attraction becomes one of the gathering places for all nature lovers who seeking refreshment in the crystal clear natural water. Kravica Waterfalls are only ten kilometers from Medjugorje (near the town of Ljubuski). The blue-green Trebizat River is responsible for these unbelievably beautiful waterfalls, whose height is 25 meters.

Skakavac Nature Preserve Waterfalls- located 12 kilometers north of Sarajevo, above the village of Nahorevo. It is 98 meters high, making it the second highest waterfall in Europe. This area is a challenge for recreational walkers, cyclists, runners, speleologists, climbers, photographers, mushroom collectors or herbs.
Over 1500 species of plants have been recorded in the area around the waterfall, some of which are medicinal, endemic or very rare. The forests of spruce, fir and beech cover many mushrooms, rabbits, rabbits, birds, but also wolves, bears and foxes.

The River Una National Park”-In addition to the wide zones for tourism and recreation, the Una National Park also has strictly protected areas, among which waterfalls, beeches, travertine barriers in Martin Brod and Štrbački buk stand out.

The travertine area of Martin Brod includes numerous waterfalls from which the Jalački, Middle and Lower, and the Big Waterfall (Buk) stand out. Big noise is the largest and most beautiful part of Martin Brod. This waterfall has a travertine barrier 54 m high and overflows an average of 63 m3 / s of water. If you decide to visit Martin Brod you can enjoy organized hiking trails, where you can visit the Rmanj Monastery and Martin’s Brod Waterfalls and Waterfalls, which is a unique combination of cultural and historical heritage and natural beauties. Tourists to Martin Brod mostly come for holidays, fishing but also rich gastronomic offer.

Youtube: Trik production, Author: Adis Golos
Bliha waterfalls- located on the Bliha River, on the left tributary of the Sana River is a magnificent 72 m high waterfall. It is a special phenomenon that such a high waterfall, the highest in the Una River basin, forms a small lake. It is located 14 km from Sanski Most in the village of Fajtovci, and the access roads and path to the waterfall are well arranged because the waterfall wants to make it as accessible as possible for visitors. What really attracts visitors is the recreational aspect of the stay and the unique beauty of the untouched landscape, which captivates with its natural diversity and harmony of shapes and colors at any time of the year.

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The location of Bliha Jump is a favorite excursion destination for locals as well as fishermen. Namely, just below the waterfall, many fishermen are hoping to catch trout or chub, the most represented fish species here. In the summer months, a large number of spawning birds enter this stream. The waterfall was also placed under state protection as a natural monument.

TNG Sanski Most
Štrbački buk Waterfalls- consists of three travertine sections 40 m wide and 23.5 m high. It is located between Loskum and Kestenovac in the gorgeous Una valley. Together with the Great Waterfall it is one of the most attractive and valuable monuments of nature. In the area of waterfalls and waterfalls interesting tourist activities such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing, a special kind of diving, so-called. speed river diving, which gathered many tourists from the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Germany, and there is the Una Regatta with one of the most exciting rafting trails in Europe.

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Kaćuša waterfalls- is located in the village of Veljaci in the municipality of Ljubuški and is one of the most beautiful natural pearls of this part of Herzegovina. The beauty of this waterfall and the nearby scenery will not leave you indifferent. The height of the waterfall is five meters, and the length is 50 meters. In the immediate vicinity are the mills and stupas that have graced this place for years. Koćuša Waterfall is located on the river Mlade which, below the waterfall, changes its name to Trebižat. The natural wealth of this area is also the sedimentary rocks that have been deposited for years, the so-called “tufa”, ie limestone sediment, which makes the above-mentioned natural oasis even more attractive. At extremely high temperatures in Herzegovina, Koćuša waterfall can be an ideal place for you to relax and enjoy the ambiance.
In addition to the waterfall, many visitors can be delighted by the rich plant and animal life of this untouched nature.
The waterfall and the wider area around it have been declared a nature monument.

Reizen Bosnie Herzegovina FB: Prirodni vodeni park “Koćuša” (Koćuša waterfalls)

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