A, B, C trick helps with over commitments

Duties are an integral part of our lives. Sometimes the commitments seem to us to be endless. Sometimes we cannot change the pace of life. But every day we can organize it to be productive and we can control it ourselves.
We get up early even though we are sometimes chronically sleepy or irritable and unmotivated. Productive day starts with breakfast / meal. Do not use your cellphone while having breakfast and drinking your morning tea / coffee. Instead of a TV or cell phone, try to evoke positive thoughts in your head. You can write down the things that you are grateful for, each day identify one thing that makes you happy and that you will do just for yourself. Imagine yourself achieving all the goals. These positive little things will keep your motivation high throughout the day.
The so-called trick A, B, C is not the beginning of the alphabet but the division of obligations into categories A, B and C.
Write down your obligations on paper and divide them into three categories:
A – it has to be done today,
B – important, but not necessarily done today,
C – can be done tomorrow.
Take this very seriously, as putting all your commitments in Category C will solve nothing.
Life practice has shown that mornings are the most productive part of the day. Organize your business tasks so that you do the important and big tasks right in the morning, when you are still ‘fresh’, concentrated and rested. However, keep in mind that it is normal that sometimes things don’t go as planned, life brings emergencies. Don’t forget to take breaks or small breaks of work and responsibilities (whenever possible). Continuous work draws energy and brings a feeling of sudden afternoon fatigue and exhaustion.
Do not be afraid to say No to friend, family members or those in charge if you are unable to complete additional tasks, or duties. The point is not to allow colleagues, family or acquaintances to make a daily plan for you. If you find yourself annoying with some additional requirements, try to explain in a friendly way that you are overwhelmed with personal responsibilities. Don’t waste your precious time in vain.
Always add at least one thing to the To-Do List that you want to do for yourself that day. It can be an ordinary walk, coffee with a friend, hobby time, etc. It is only important that you do something for yourself every day, enjoy it and completely forget all the tasks that you need to solve the next day. This will rest and prepare your mind for the new day. If you always put business, family or friends first, you will become unhappy very fast. So do not skip this step and do at least one thing a day that makes you happy.
If you apply these tips you will see how much you can really do in a day if you make a plan and prioritize:
• Get up early and be positive
• Plan your day and divide your responsibilities into categories
• Say no to others when you are in a crowd
• Make something for yourself

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