Japanese health water drink

A Japanese beverage with water, or so-called ginger water, helps burn fat (stomach, thighs, and back).
Consuming ginger water has a positive effect on overall health. Preventively protects our body from numerous diseases. The active ingredient in ginger is gingerol – which has anti-inflammatory properties.
The Positive Impact of Japanese Water on Health
Normalizes blood pressure – Regular consumption of ginger water helps regulate blood pressure. It prevents blood clots (which can be unfortunately deadly).
Reduces infection – ginger has been used for centuries for a variety of infections, including colds and the flu. It has anti-inflammatory effects that make it an ideal remedy for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and gout.
It improves circulation due to the presence of iron and zinc.
Reduces symptoms of colds and flu – Regular consumption of ginger improves the immune system.
It regulates digestion – ginger water eliminates unpleasant digestive problems (indigestion, flatulence, acid reflux and constipation).
Relieves joint pain – thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, regular consumption of ginger water will prevent joint pain.

– 1, 5 l of water
– several thin leaves of ginger (at least 1 cm of ginger)
– some lemon juice

Put the water to a boil and peel the ginger on a plate. Add ginger to water and cook until softened.
Remove from heat, cool and add lemon juice.
Drink this baverage in the morning after waking up.


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