Reduce your beauty waste without giving up comfort

2017-09-13 10.09.31
Generally, people buy more and more non-packaged foods. For Coffee To Go, they carry their containers, they pack breakfast in reusable containers for storing food and the like. When it comes to cosmetics, it is noticed that this routine of life is gaining momentum or more is being applied. Numerous alternatives manage to save on the use of (plastic) packaging without sacrificing comfort. In reality, you simply follow the path to an “enlightened” bathroom. Step by step. Sustainable development does not mean that we change our habits overnight.

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Moreover, such development implies that we use already existing resources.
First, you need to sort the products in our bathrooms and sort them by category. Everything we do not need should be donated or donated to friends and charities. When we spend our stock of existing products, we can reach for alternatives.
First steps
Instead of buying lotions or body scrubs, we can always make handicraft products. For gentle skin you can use pure vegetable oils (olive) from the kitchen. You can make skin peels by mixing homemade coarse sea salt (sugar for gentler skin peels) and olive oil. Mix the mixture until you have a paste that you apply to your whole body.
Instead of a plastic toothbrush, use a bamboo brush. This toothbrush can be thrown into bio-waste. The handle and packaging of the bamboo toothbrush are biodegradable.
Please – no waste
A lot of waste accumulates on a monthly basis. The first step to prevent or reduce waste is hygiene products made from bio cotton. The second step is to use reusable menstrual glasses that you can use for regular cleaning for years. They are made of 100% medical silicone. They are practical and environmentally friendly for the mestrual cycle. These glasses are easy to use. They are suitable for sports activities.
Instead of liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoos that are usually in plastic packs, you prefer to use these products in tight packs. This will prevent the accumulation of plastic waste. Hard variables are more abundant and more favorable. Hair soaps are available in simple paper packages that do no harm to the environment. Solid hair soaps are made without abrasive sulfates, parabens and silicones.
Facial cleanser, nail file
Pieces of used wadding, wet wipes, and face cleaning pads accumulate over time. The special microfibre pads you use with plain water clean your face the easy way. When using both sides of the pad, simply wash it in the washing machine. So you can use it for months. The natural sponge for face cleaning and exfoliation is made from pure sheep’s wool (without additives, artificial colors). Ideal for cleansing all skin types.
When buying nail files, choose a glass file. The file surface is long lasting and cannot be worn. After use, clean the file with water. After repeated use, you can disinfect it. Then the file will not lose quality.

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