The happy expressions of people’s faces also cause happiness in other people

„A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light“-a famous quote by Abbé Pierre (founder of the Emmaus Movement) who supported the homeless in the 1940s to return to work. Smiling people can really help even in the worst moments of life. A study from the University of Toronto found that well-disposed individuals are at the same time comfortable in nature and easier to handle creative tasks than hateful individuals and those who radiate a bad mood.
Many people would say this is logical because when we are in the mood we have more ideas. It is true that happy people are more smiling than people who are not happy or seem so. Still, we don’t have to be happy to enjoy the magic of a smile. We can change the mime because everything works the other way around. Ie. a smile evokes a good mood. When we laugh for no reason after a while we will feel better. Our brain doesn’t care if there is a reason for happiness when the lips are properly positioned. In due time, the French philosopher Robert Soussignan asked 100 subjects to inspect the clips and put a pen between their teeth in four different ways. Some had to do this by smiling (though they didn’t want to).
At the end of the exercise, it turned out that these people scored significantly more positively on the pistons. The position of the lips changed their mindset. Ernst Abel and Michael Kruger of Wayne State University (Michigan) split the autograph cards of 230 baseball players (from the early 1950s) into three groups (for one study). The first group had a small smile, the second group had a full-face smile while the third group was serious. Scientists then interpreted the lives of 150 deceased players and came to the conclusion: those who were smiling lived an average of seven years longer than their less-than-smiling colleagues.
A smile prolongs life and marriage. Matthiew Hertenstein of American DePauw University explored the link between child pictures and divorce rates. Mr Hertenstein found that people who were less likely to laugh as children were three times more likely to divorce as adults. As a smile is the shortest link between two people, cheerful people have a better chance of finding the right partner. A smile enhances sympathy, confidence and prevents aggression. Smiling people have a faster career climb. Good mood and business success are an inseparable team, a hard professor of psychology at American University in New York.
djeca 2
We can always distinguish an honest smile from one that is furnished by feeling. Eyes can be an indicator of the intensity of a smile (do not wrinkle around the eyes). An honest smile is more gentle and relaxes and builds longer. In order to “bring” a smile to our face, the quickest thing is to think of something that is nice or nice to us, or something we are grateful for. Good friends, a funny movie, or a song we love can help. Good mood is contagious, says University College in London. Lastly, it is important to note that children laugh 30 times more (400 times a day) than adults. Sometimes we need to be children ourselves.

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