One day at sea (in the ocean) in your own bathroom

2019-07-13 08.30.49
When we think for a moment about the beautiful blue sea, lake and ocean and imagine ourselves on the shore where the waves of the swollen shore actually mean our “freedom” (from everyday obligations and problems, stress, etc.). A balm for body and soul would be any escape from reality and a dive into your own cold peace. There are many treasures in the sea. We can call algae multitalents because they moisturize the skin and hair, promote cell regeneration, promote circulation and metabolism. Seaweed protects us from the negative effects of the environment, helps to break down toxic substances and has an effect similar to the natural anti-aging complex. Planktons are algae-like. Beauty effect has sea salt. A steam bath with sea salt releases the airways, cleanses and disinfects the skin. The sea salt used in the bath helps in detoxification and relieves skin diseases. They act as a scrub by removing dead skin cells and improving circulation.
Flowers are always colorful, fragrant and bring joy to every home. It is one of everyone’s favorite gifts. Flowers generally bring color and expression to any home. Therefore, flowers in cosmetics are a must-have beuaty product. Calendula flower strengthens sensitive skin and has a healing effect on the skin. Chamomile helps with itching and redness. The tear protects it from dry skin and prevents the skin’s natural moisture from evaporating. Lotus nourishes hair and body giving them tenderness and softness. The orchid regenerates and restores cells. The queen of all rose flowers nourishes, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. The rose has multiple effects – cleanses, detoxifies, prevents acne and aging, hydrates and balances. It is suitable for all hair and skin types.
In the mountains, forests and meadows many plants grow that do amazing things for health and beauty. The mountain runolist plant prevents the formation of wrinkles and stains of pigment. Sun-dried grapes are a source of youthfulness for the skin. Pine oil nourishes the neck, muscles and joints. Antiseptic resin promotes wound healing. Fresh fir branches in a vase located in your home will bring in the wonderful scent of the forest and clear the air. The aroma of fir is ideal for baths as it helps to breathe easier and does good to your skin.
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Lavender has an amazing and relaxing smell of dried, as an essential oil or fresh. Just a pinch of lavender is enough to capture the scenes of Mediterranean lavender fields warmed by the sun’s rays. Medicinal lavender has been used for centuries in the treatment of restlessness, insomnia and fears. Lavender oil alleviates the digestive tract, circulation and migraines. Lavender products are used in cosmetics for antiseptic and regenerative effects. Lavender is used in baths, oils and creams for its relaxing properties. Lavender flowers that smell and nourish are used in tea mixtures, an addition in spices to give sweet and juicy dishes a Mediterranean touch.
Make a bath for yourself:
Pour one cup of your favorite flowers with olive oil. Keep in a dark and closed container for two weeks. Your homemade bath is ready to use.

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