Amalaki (Indian gooseberry) protects immunity, skin and hair

Amalaki, amla or Indian gooseberry can grow up to 18 meters tall. It originates in India, although amalaki wood can be found in other tropical and sbu-tropical regions. It is read manually. This booster of immunity contains a high content of Vitamin C. Strengthens the body’s defense system.
Contains a high proportion of chromium. It works against variations in blood sugar. It stimulates iron absorption and purifies our blood. Amalaki strengthens the digestive system and speeds up the fat burning process. Due to these characteristics, Indian gooseberry is much used in India. Since the fruit is sour, put in salt water and turmeric to improve the taste.
This small green fruit has skin benefits because it has antioxidant effects. It slows down the process of collapse and the formation of wrinkles. It helps with acne problems and unclean skin. It contains carotene and jelly and is an excellent fruit for hair care and health. It strengthens the root of the hair, accelerates the process of hair growth and stimulates the circulation of the scalp. Reduces broken hair, eliminates dandruff and the formation of cracked hair tips. Fruits are traditionally used to straighten hair.
Indian gooseberry contains:
Minerals: phosphorus, calcium, chromium and iron.
Vitamins: Vitamin C, beta-carotene and complex B vitamins.


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