Nature Stay – Holidays for All Generations (Austria)

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Staying in a natural environment is great for all generations. It lasts throughout the year. A good vacation can be useful and active in all seasons. Rainy and snowy periods of the year, sunny or windy, have their good sides just as bad. The climate is changing but so are the people. Older generations today are vital and healthier, middle generations are busy and always have less free time while children look forward to spending more time outdoors.
The Republic of Austria offers all kinds of vacations for all generations. You can experience nature, hiking and sports. reisearten
The so-called “Country Vacation” offers a selection of special family properties. They are located in the beautiful and spacious fields of Austria. Children can be playful, they can play with animals. Hiking, biking and sports are some of the offerings for all generations. You can learn all about plants, baking bread. The fields are adapted for children and the elderly.
„Apple Field“ Family Pension is located in Burgenland (Austria). He specializes in family vacations. The property has a children’s playground, an indoor playroom, a playroom with rabbits and a family property (horseback riding). Also nearby are Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa and Family Park. It is less than an hour’s drive away. Overnight is in the family rooms with sleeping cabins for children. Caravan seats can be rented. Free babysitting is possible five times a week in the morning. Family training is available (as needed).

Families who want to go hiking should check that accessible roads are accessible for all, the vantage points to which the cable car runs, special hiking programs with wheelchairs, climbing platforms suitable for seniors and children. The Austrian Association of Mountaineers Villages offers family-friendly regions.
Renting a mountain hut is a special experience. Through a platform or search engine for rent, you can find mountain huts that are suitable for children and the elderly, offer breakfast and are accessible by train.
Kadischenallee 27, A-9504 Warmbad-Villach,
+43 4242 3001 2099, karawankenhof(at)

Tip plus:
The Republic of Slovenia has many offers for experiencing nature. The famous resort is Slovenia Eco Resort Here the family is in the middle of nature on the so-called glamming (glam + camping).
The Czech Republic also offers adventure vacations for the whole family. Kayak tours along the Vltava River are well known. Nights are offered at camping sites.

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