Older people can always learn a lot from children

pablo naslov
Cover page: Pablo Picasso (www.biography.com)
Life is full of surprises. However, over the years, we try to avoid these surprises and all the changes they bring us. Too bad. These surprises make the everyday life less gray. The younger population is looking forward to new and unpredictable things. They want to know everything. Adults who (from time to time) do so themselves are positively surprised when they get out of their usual daily routine. Things get simpler. The mode changes when taking different paths than usual. Generally speaking we can learn a lot from children.
The elderly do not pay attention to the small and small things. Nothing can be missed for children. When you walk in the company of children, you don’t usually look at the world around you – that real world of all kinds of wonders and wonders. Children, on the contrary, see everything, a beautiful butterfly on a flower in the shape of a star next to the unusual root of a tall spruce tree that has beautiful and furrowed patterns on its bark. Along the way, the children hear a beautiful song of a small bird with a colorful feather standing on a tree branch that resembles a wizard with a large mantle. If something gets out of sight for children, their imagination will make up for it. When they describe to us what they saw and experienced, they are not “ordinary fantasies”. On the contrary, we should listen to them carefully. In their stories we can find the inspiration we so often miss. Children can teach us to look at gray and hopelessness as a colorful world full of wonders that will give us a little neglected sense of admiration.
While it takes a lot more time for an adult to approach new people and new acquaintances impartially, children are only interested in what a person is doing at a given moment. They are not looking at the clothes, the cell phone model, the car, or the accent the new person is talking about, but what that person is doing at that moment. Kids listen to what that person is saying at that moment. Adults really have a lot to learn from children.
Often, adults view the present as a stage of life ahead of the future before it becomes the past. They plan or think about something that happened and can’t change it anymore. Children look forward to things to come but do not think constantly about tomorrow. The loss or breakage of toys makes children cry, but they quickly forget. Quarrels and quarrels with parents, brother or sister also mourn and forget. The crying of the children, the pushing, the falling come and go – the children continue to play.
We know the old saying, “Kids are brutally honest.” Honesty can be charming, especially when it comes to compliments. Adults need a little more courage.
World-renowned painter Pablo Picasso has worked for decades to break down his own frames of talent. His words are famous: It took me a lifetime to learn how to draw again as a child. Picasso would always stop on the street when he saw children chalking and drawing on asphalt. Picasso observed how children would sometimes display faces simultaneously from different perspectives.
pablo 2
photo: http://www.independent.co.uk
Adults, of course, can’t scream at the supermarket, but they need to vent their anger whenever possible. Striking some objects at angry and frustrated adults — works wonders. It would be ideal to have a boxing bag but a pillow can help.
Children laugh 400 times a day while adults laugh only 15 to 20 times a day. The reason is not that adults have nothing to laugh about. Who consciously does the things that make him happy and allow himself little dissension – will move his diaphragm and do good to his entire body. It’s healthy to laugh. The laughter is transient. Surround yourself with kids, fun people, watch good comedies, tell funny and funny stories. Smile whenever you can.
Adults are independent and have a hard time admitting that they can’t do something on their own. Adults often fall into despair even though they have someone to help them nearby. Children are always ready to help adults. In doing so, they will learn that adults are not all-powerful but that they sometimes need help. When they become adults, they will remember everything.


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