The best Italian TV Serials and movies (Part II)

rosela 1
Un Passo dal Cielo (Step to the sky)

Serie 12 TV epizodes
First episode: April 10, 2011
Episodes: 64
Network: Radiotelevisione Italiana
Season number: 5
Composers: Pino Donaggio, Andrea Guerra
Duration: 50 minutes
Episode (number): 5.
Episode (title): PREDATOR
An abandoned tent and camera were found in the forests of San Candida: the video shows an attack on a girl whom police consider dead. Meanwhile, Eva is convinced she is the next victim, so she wants Vincenzo to be her guardian. While Giorgio is getting a job as a ranger on his first day, Reuter suggests Chiari a two-day job in Rome. Natasha seems ready to go on living and accept a beer invitation with some young people.
Cast: Terence Hill (Pietro), Enrico Ianniello (Vincenzo), Francesco Salvi (Rock), Gabriele Rossi (Giorgio), Gianmarco Pozzoli (Huber), Rocio Munoz Morales (Eva Fernandez), Mauro Pirovano (Mayor), Claudia Gaffuri (Chiara), Giovanni Scifoni (Karl Reuter), Tommaso Ramenghi (Tommaso Belli), Katia Ricciarelli (Assunta Scotton), Caterina Shulha (Natasha), Giusy Buscemi (Manuela Nappi), Fabio Fulco (Federico Ruffo (Rico))
TV Series
Rossella (TV Serie 2011-)
Danilo Brugia, Anna Melato, Gabriella Pession
Rossella is an Italian television series.
The story is set in Genoa late in the nineteenth century. The main character is a beautiful young girl named Rossella from a very wealthy family of high social class .in an accident she meets a journalist named Giuliano and falls in love with him at first sight .in spite of her father’s attempt to prevent the marriage, rossella, who has already been forced to marry Walter Jagaer elopes with Giuliano in order to get married. It makes the father to reject the daughter with the thought that she has rejected him and because in the atmosphere of such family and society, this kind of act considered to be a great disgrace to the family.
rosela 2

Mafia Squad (2009)
Squadra antimafia – Palermo oggi (Original title)
Crimi Seriei
Director: Pier Belloni
Screenplay: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli
Cast: Simona Cavallari, Giulia Michelini, Claudio Gioe, Antonino Bruschetta
Two women are drawn into the war by powerful mafia families.
The action of this 6-part series takes place in what is now Palermo, which is caught in a hidden war by mafia families to lead Cosa Nostra after the last Godfather, Bernardo Provenzano, died.

(original title), 2017., Italia
The Bastards of Pizzofalcone
This noir detective series is based on the popular crime novels of Maurizio de Giovanni. The shop is set in picturesque contemporary Naples.
After a series of corruption cases, the tiny Pizzofalcone police station in the old part of Naples should close. But before that happens, the police headquarters are sending new staff there from other counties. The team is made up of five employees who are at first glance an unusual match and work beyond the border of the law, as well as colleagues they replaced, of which they immediately inherit the nickname “BADS”. However, the murder case will trigger a process in which everyone will discover that they are still adept at their job as police officers and that they are actually very good at it.

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