Chamomile-plant for women and children, wellness and care

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An old European medicinal plant that is sometimes undervalued if we do not know all its benefits. A flower with white leaves, a small yellow head and a slightly fruity, balm scent. Chamomile is reused in the production of natural cosmetics.
This plant has many benefits. Heals wounds, relieves inflammation, disinfects, has antibacterial properties and has a positive effect on circulation. It is used for sore throat, colds and toothache. It has a positive effect on the entire lower body (from stomach to intestine). Heals irritated and pimple-prone skin. It is recommended for abdominal discomfort, flatulence and inflammation of the ear. The botanical name is: Matricaria chamomilla or Matricaria recutita (Latin Matrix means womb). Chamomile is a protective plant for children and warming women and opens the heart of a woman. Due to its soothing effect it is used in menstrual problems (for lining) and for tea. It is a rare plant for pregnant and lactating women to use. Kids can always use it for tea, as an essential oil mixed with natural, cold-pressed oil. This kind of oil promotes a sense of well-being, gives inner and spiritual peace.
We can produce a lot of this ourselves using chamomile. However, picking a camomile is not easy. Chamomile was once an important cereal weed that promoted the growth and development of cereals. It grew in fields of grain. In today’s world, this weed is chemically removed. When you find a chamomile flower, you can easily harvest it when it comes to organic farming.
Chamomile grows in hilly areas and along paths. However, when picking, be careful about the negative effects of harmful gases and poisons from the natural environment. There is a chamomile we know and that is an effective, so-called canine chamomile and scented chamomile. These last two types of chamomile are not harmful but not equally effective. Moreover, they can be irritating. A real chamomile has a hollow flower base. The flower head is cut. If there is no marrow – you’ve picked the right camomile.
Chamomile can be planted independently and simply because it is not a demanding plant. You need a balcony box or a flower pot. Chamomile is harvested in sunny weather (when the flowers are open). You can use dried chamomile (as a substitute) purchased from a pharmacy whose effectiveness has been tested.
Chamomile purchased from bio stores has an unchecked effect. It is necessary for you to decide which camomile to choose and buy.

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