Kånken backpacks (Made in Sweden)

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In 1960, the world famous and one of the best-selling outdoor brands Fjällräven was created. The main goal of the founder of the Åke Nordin brand was to bring people back to nature. Nordin realized that there was no bad weather, only bad equipment. The main focus of the Fjällräven Collection is how to reduce the gap that separates adventurous adventurers and trekkers from alternatives and comfortable city makeup artists.
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Nature does not distinguish between these divisions, does not discriminate and accepts everyone. Staying in nature has an equally beneficial effect on the psychophysical health of us all. Cancellation of negative effects of stress, improved concentration, short-term memory and creativity, stronger immunity and confidence: it has been proven that these benefits can be felt after 20 minutes of being in nature.
The modest Kånken backpacks feature functionality, durability and timeless design.
Fjällräven has a successful collaboration with talented artist Klara Rusan Klarxy, who painted Re-Kånken backpacks, made entirely of recycled material (using 11 plastic bottles). Fjällrävensu’s main values ​​are the concern for the environment and sustainability combined with talent and creativity.

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