8 tips to feel better in hopeless situations

2018-04-29 07.04.15
All people have a period in their lives when they face major life problems and do not see a “way out” of such a situation. Then we need some extra energy or advice to end that period of life painlessly and to restore a good mood in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Find inner peace
There are meditation apps. If these apps are unavailable to you, let your imagination run wild. Imagination is an inexhaustible source of positive energy and has proven to improve the state of mind in any life situation or problem.

Find additional activity that draws your attention to the problem

Try the simplest of tasks. For example, start by listing people you know in alphabetical order or by listing flowers you know in alphabetical order. Think of a scenario and think of all the details in your scenario. The point is to focus your brain on something else, because you will forget about your problems at least briefly.

Make good habits (instead of bad ones) a priority

List all your habits that you consider to be bad. Try to find some alternatives. Take it one step at a time. After a while, you’ll be able to congratulate yourself when you list how much you’ve changed for the better.
You just don’t do anything
Doing nothing may be the best thing you can do for yourself. We all need respite and rest to recharge our batteries and move on with life. Make small plans for small free activities. Sleep, walk, listen to music in the most relaxed part of the room – choose what works best for you.

We all have to learn to say ‘no’

Negation or just the short word “no” sometimes sounds harsh and insensitive. There are times when the simple word Doesn’t help the most even though it doesn’t suit many in our environment. When you know that you are right, say the negation or oppose it. After a while the opposing will realize that you were right. Time heals every pain.

Donate items, clothing and shoes that you do not use

Footwear and clothing are not indicators of our value. Sometimes we accumulate things we have bought or received as a gift that we never use. All the things you have not used for months (or years) will probably never use. Donate all of these items to charities.

Watching a movie or series that encourages laughter and good humor

Comedy will always help us feel better and be merrier. The same goes for funny TV series so-called popular sitcoms.

Find just one thing that can boost your mood

Most of us have an item that makes us laugh or bring back a good mood only when we look at it. It can be a special coffee cup that we like to hold in our hand, a special pen that we like to write, a special item that we like to use. That one item can be any one that will put a smile on our face.


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