The acorn you find under oak is forest gold

Cover page:
In the forests under the trunks of oak and sessile oaks you can collect acorns. The acorn is not at all an attractive oak fruit. An ignorant walker or passerby through oak-rich forests might stand on acorns, kick his leg, lift him up and throw him as hard as he could. This seemingly worthless acorn is plentifully declining from oak branches and denser in the fall months. People started collecting acorns in oak forests. These people are called popular girolovci. The purchase price varies. Anyone looking for extra money can make a decent living by collecting acorns in the woods. Forest management agencies or cooperatives purchase these fruits.
Take a stroll through the forest paths and enter the vast wooded landscape intersected by gravel roads if you want to collect acorns. It’s not an easy task. Seek help from local foresters and ask for acorn areas for acorn collecting.
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Bring your old bins where you can start to collect acorns from the ground. Wrap your feet with a thick plastic bag. Collecting acorns requires you to bend over and pick through the forest floor. If you’re lucky, you can catch these little brown pebbles with your deft hand and stuff your bucket. If you are not a good connoisseur of the forest do not go deep into the thick oak trees (lest you get lost) but stick to the main forest road where there are signposts.
During a good acorn season, between 600 and 700 pounds of acorns (about 50 pounds per day) can be harvested. Up to 70 pounds of acorns can be harvested if born. By collecting and selling acorns, you can fill in your home budget or “fill in” various holes in your home budget.

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