Cocktails for Every Zodiac Sign

kokteli 3
Try these recipes if you want to find a new cocktail for yourself, hit the taste of your loved one, or want to organize a party for an event.

Aries people like expensive things. For them, any boiler that contains expensive wine or sparkling wine.
Recipe: Mix one peach or nectarine with an equal amount of ground ice. Pour over with sparkling wine or sparkling wine.

Taurus are the most famous hedonists. Most enjoy the food of all the signs of the Zodiac. The cocktails intended for them should be “full flavored”.
Recipe: Put fresh strawberries in a glass. Add a tablespoon of powdered sugar. Pour over with sweet wine. Keep the cocktail in the refrigerator for three hours before serving.

The persons in this zodiac sign are visual persons. Prepare a nice looking cocktail for them.
Recipe: Mix fruit tea, marmalade syrup and beer in equal amounts. Add fresh fruit chopped into cubes (optional). Keep the cocktail in the refrigerator before serving.
Crabs love the fullness of the taste and the aroma. They will enjoy stronger cocktails.
Recipe: Mix vodka, menthol liqueur, lemon juice, lemon syrup and mineral water in equal amounts. Serve with ice.
People in the Leo sign love glamorous things, expensive things and like to be trendy. Such cocktails should be for them.
Recipe: See which cocktails are used by celebrities at parties. Flip through the papers, see online articles. Keep on trending to satisfy lions. This is a combination for them.
Virgos are picky. They are hard to please. The cocktail for them should be simple but with carefully selected ingredients.
Recipe: Mix freshly squeezed orange juice with a glass of mineral water. Add some rum. Serve with shredded ice.
Scales love cocktails that are colorful and look nice. Pay special attention to decorating.
Recipe: Mix white wine and vodka in equal amounts. Add some orange syrup. Garnish with cherries, strawberries or other fruits. Serve with ice.
Scorpios love mystery and mysticism. That is why they are best suited to mystical cocktails. Do not mix their cocktails. Stack the cocktail ingredients on top of each other.
Recipe: Pour rum, gin, mint liqueur and champagne into a tall glass. Do not mix ingredients.
Archers love layering. Prepare layered cocktails but leave ingredients so ordered to show your effort.
Recipe: Put some strawberries and a scoop of ice cream in a glass. Add the champagne. Serve immediately.
Capricorns will rarely experiment because they like proven recipes.
Recipe: Serve gin-tonic or juice-vodka. Look for traditional recipes in an old-fashioned cookbook.
Aquarius will try whatever you serve them. They like experimenting. Feel free to mix whatever ingredients you have available at any given time.
Recipe: Mix fresh orange juice and one lemon juice with tonic and whiskey. Serve immediately.
Pisces love fruit cocktails. Add some exotic accessories so you have to guess. Intrigue their imagination.
Recipe: Cut the melon or watermelon into cubes. Cool the fruit. Add rum, coconut liqueur and some strawberry syrup. Dilute the cocktail with mineral water and ice (if desired).

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