What is rush and why use rug products?

What is a rush?

A rhizome, chevron or rush, or Latin name Typha latifolia, is an aquatic plant of the genus Typha. It is a genus of monocotyledonous, or bar, perennial plants. It is domesticated in both the Americas, Eurasia and Africa. Outside this range, the plant is spread like an invasive weed. It grows to 3 meters in height. The rush leaves are long, thin and ribbon-shaped and up to 4 cm wide. The rhizome of the plant is edible, and the plant itself is used in folk medicine. Rug has been used for centuries by craftsmen who make patterns, brooms, shoes, bags and souvenirs. Nowadays, rugs are made of beach mats, curtains, decorative rugs and many other useful items. Rust is a “solid” plant and therefore long lasting, and rush items are also known for their durability and firmness.
Once upon a time, people made rug shoes out of necessity, and today they are made because of the superior properties of rugs. Specifically, rug shoes are comfortable, eco-friendly, practical and durable. In addition, you can choose from a variety of modern models with unusual accessories.

Rug shoes are handmade. The combination of natural material and the way they are made produces a sole, which has the ability to massage the foot and improve the circulation of the whole organism. After wearing rug shoes for the first time, you will feel pain in your feet and that pain will continue for the next couple of times. When your feet get used to this solid and somewhat rigid plant, any subsequent wear will be a real pleasure. Positive shifts in people with circulatory problems (cerebral circulation) will be felt after the first couple of wear (it is advisable to wear slippers on bare feet).

For Sarajevo Canton, outlets are Eurofarm pharmacies.

The price of the slipper is around 65 KM (BAM). The price corresponds to the quality and durability of the product.

Independent shop Metiko from Zrenjanin produces brooms, shoes and various rush items. All products are handmade and of superior quality.

Shopping Contact: S.R. Metiko (FB: metiko.rogoz, or Mr. Pavle Nechakov)

PTT Address: 9A KANJIŠKA, 23000, Zrenjanin, Central-Banat Region, Serbia

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