2019 is a milestone for print media

We can consider 2019 to be a kind of pretext when it comes to comparing print media to print media. This year, social networks first outpaced print media by the number of paid ads, Zenith Media reports. The famous British popular women’s magazine Maire Claire has stopped printing. It is clear that not only this edition is affected by digitization.
Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have increased consumption. Marketing agency spending on ads reached a 20% increase in 2019. This is 13% of total global consumption. The total profit will reach 84 billion. dollars. Combined expenditure on newspapers and magazines will fall by 6%. It will amount to US $ 69 billion.
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A Zenith Media report says: “Since the mid-1990s, online advertising has grown at the expense of the press. Over the last ten years, internet advertising has grown from 12% of total global spend (in 2008) to 44% (in 2018). Meanwhile, the share of newspapers in global consumption has fallen from 25% to 8%, while magazines have fallen from 12% to 4.5%. ”
Ad growth is expected to remain stable at 4.4%. said Jonathan Barnard, Head of Analytics at Zenit, said: “We have somewhat reduced our expectations for 2019 amid a slightly weaker trading environment. But growth should remain steady until 2021, driven by the robust US advertising market. ”
Henry Daglish, founder of Bountiful Cow, said: “It’s not surprising that we continue to watch channels like print lose race over digital channels. However, I don’t think we should underestimate the lasting importance of the so-called “Traditional” channels when it comes to impartial media planning – despite the fact that our industry has announced the death of a large number of print publications over the years.
According to the report, these figures somewhat obscure how many media owners have digitized their content over the years. So we don’t really compare this data. Over the next few years, it will be interesting to see if there is a rebound in growth. More and more clients and agencies are realizing the dangers of optimizing short-term content over long-term performance. It should be a challenge for agencies and clients to take a longer-term perspective when it comes to advertising. ”

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