Don’t Fix: Friendships, Love and Shoes

2018-04-08 10.07.13
Some things cannot be fixed during our lifetime. We can influence and repair some things ourselves. Sometimes we can defiantly roll our eyes, shake our heads and do our own thing anyway. Still-Do not Fix friendships, love, and shoes.
Try to suffer less through life, laugh more, and cry less.
Try to imply less and seek more, frown less. Don’t do anything you don’t want to unless you have to do it. When you run – don’t look back. Listen to your little inner voice.
Don’t apologize for crying, feeling, and being weaker sometimes. Do not push yourself to the limits of endurance. Do not look for excuses for other people’s rudeness. In life, you are not looking for a person who will love you to make sense of you. Make your own sense. Don’t feel bad because it used to be good for you sometimes in the past. Do not let others determine your value or honesty.
Love people who make you feel better. Don’t ever shrink to be good to others. Be more persistent, smarter and brave whenever you can. Not everything in the world makes sense.
Better choose your friends and love your good friends. Do not be afraid of darkness because there is light in you. Remember who you are and what you can do. Don’t fit where you don’t want to be. Do not immerse yourself in emotions.
Live more relaxed. Don’t change youself because of other people. Not even your loved ones. Try to live more the way you love — not the way you used to.

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