Cleaning Techniques for Abundance and Happiness in the New 2020 Year

Feng Shui philosophy does not like clutter because it contains stagnant and stagnant energy. Clutter causes stress, fatigue, depression or illness in your home. This negative energy inhibits, slows and blocks the flow of healthy Chi. In the same way, it reflects on you and the lives of family members who share a home with you. You can clean your home with the proper cleaning rituals and techniques. Renew your personal energy.
The foundation of good Feng Shui is to maintain order that allows the free flow of positive Chi energy in a space. Space or your home is a living being as Feng Shui believes. If you regularly maintain, clean, tidy and energize your living space, you will open the door to positive energy and improvement in all areas of life.
When talking about the Feng Shui mess, skill implies a physical and psychological mess. Any clutter you need to make the most of it and engage with the goal of getting things in order, to achieve total cleanliness.
Feng Shui cleaning is divided into four stages:
1. Cleaning up the physical clutter in your immediate area (eg garbage in the driveway of the building, maintenance-free facade, abandoned lawns, dilapidated buildings in the surrounding area).
Our responsibility goes far beyond the walls that surround your living space. Do everything in your power for your environment – talk to your representative about the possibility of rebuilding a dilapidated façade, bad pipes and building installations.
For these jobs, there is usually a housing reserve. Funds are usually unused due to lack of interest or negligence. Organize (together with neighbors) a staircase makeover action. You can place posters or pictures of colorful and life-like motifs on the walls. If your building has an entrance hall or lawn, you can arrange a small garden. The idea is rife, it just takes a little goodwill. And there is another beautiful dimension hidden in the whole process – your neighbors will no longer be strangers.
2. Cleaning up the physical clutter in your own space (eg scattered things, dust, cobwebs, too much furniture, things outside the shelves and cabinets…).
Throw away, donate or sell whatever you have not used in the last 6 months as you really do not need it. Clean and organize cabinets, shelves and storage areas. Each item should have its own place.
Although every idea of ​​a general cleaning can be a tiring one – in the end it will be worth the effort. When removing clutter, try not to do all the work automatically. Engage your consciousness and all senses. Observe how you feel and what moods you are going through.
3. Clearing emotional clutter (eg unspoken complaints, unresolved relationships, seeking (and shifting) blame with others, emotional manipulation).
The only person we can change is ourselves! – resolve disagreements by focusing on the solution instead of the problem, find compromises, accept responsibility for your actions and their consequences, forgive those who owe you something, pay back your debts, reconcile with old friends.If you have unsettled relationships with people who are no longer to the living, you can address them mentally with an apology, explanation or simply – a call for reconciliation.
Also, if you can’t reach some people in person, you can write them a letter or an e-mail stating how you feel and what you want to deal with – at the end of the story, it doesn’t matter if you send the letter or not, but coping with your own emotional clutter is extremely important for a good feng shui. Cleansing your emotional clutter is probably the biggest and most difficult step in the cleansing process, but it is truly essential. It is impossible to move on if thousands of ancient emotions press us and bring us back to the past.
4. Energy cleaning and energization (eg removal of energy from previous occupants, energy sludge in walls, floors, ceilings and furniture).
Simple tip on Feng shui principles (for energy cleansing):
Feng Shuiju loves orange peel. Orange peels are a great way to cleanse your home of negative energy and restore harmony to it. This little cleansing ritual requires: 3 fresh oranges, water, a glass bowl and fresh flowers.
1. Peel the oranges, take the peel, and leave the fruit to eat. Divide the peel of each orange into 9 pieces. Put them in a bowl and pour hot water up to 3/4 of the bowl.
2. Repeat the following positive affirmation: “With this ceremony, negative energy is gone. It replaces the positive. ”
3. Put a bowl at the entrance if you want to clean the entire home. Spray the whole house with this water and repeat your chosen mantra and positive affirmation. Go through all the sectors of the home and do not miss the cabinets.
4. Discard water and bark. You can use oranges for eating.
5. After this feng shui cleaning, open the windows and doors to fill the home with fresh energy.
6. Place fresh flowers in the center of the room or home.
In the next 9 days, replace the flowers three times.
Have it every three days. Keep the last bouquet until it wilts.

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