The sliced fruit in the market is old and costs 200% more (you are charged the most for cutting)

2017-05-13 13.08.34
Sliced and packaged cabbage bought in the market will cost you 250% more than the market. The highest margins are calculated on sliced cabbage. Most of us would love to eat fruits and vegetables if it is cleaned and sliced. We need to peel the orange, we need to cut the bark off the apple or we need to peel the pomegranate to get the red pomegranate berries.
The sliced fruit is sold at three times the price. It is waste or merchandise that has failed to sell within a specified period. Marketing tricks are known around the world.
Almost every type of fruit and vegetable is peeled and cut and sold at high prices. All fruits and vegetables (except bananas) are used. They are packed in plastic containers with a lid because ordinary plastic bags are not suitable for this type of food.
In shops and supermarkets you can find a whole range of fruit salads and sliced vegetables. They are laying next to their originals. Beautiful, healthy and whole pieces of juicy citrus fruits, but they differ in value.
Chopped pineapple (served in a plastic container) is priced at 200% more expensive while whole pineapple is sold at an affordable price.
Apart from the price, there are two more important problems with pre-prepared fruits and vegetables.
The shelf life of such foods is much shorter, usually about one day (due to the possibility of microbial contamination with bacteria and yeasts that can occur during cutting or due to enzymatic changes).
Such sliced fruit loses its weight properties very quickly, sometimes even after several hours. As a rule, there are no barriers to selling it, but there must be a notice to the consumer that it is a food that must be consumed the same day as well as washed before consuming. For salad vegetables, for example, the purchase itself shows changes that can be associated with freshness. If, when opening such sliced fruits and vegetables, the customer smells. It should be returned.
Another problem is the quality of fruits and vegetables prepared in supermarkets.

Similar stories are for other fruits and vegetables.
These fruits and vegetables are being cut and supermarkets can make the best use of “waste” – damaged pieces of fruit and vegetables that they might not otherwise be able to sell, and which have so far been written off.

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