Today is 11.11 bringing change to everyone

In the world of synchronicity, the date is 11. 11. It has great potential and brings change to everyone. If you want something to happen, speed up everything you need to do to make the events happen.
Four units, or two eleven, which can be interpreted as 22. This date represents spiritual guidance and duality, denoted by number 2. It connects the intuitive qualities of the High Priestess with the creative guidance and power of the Grand Mage. People born on this day (therefore, November 11) are very spiritual and charismatic and independent.
The energy of numbers 1 and 2 is similar to that of Yin and Yang in Taoism. The No. 1 energy is independent and charismatic. Number 2 carries intuition and creativity. Number 11 has an extra dose of energy, as it combines two energies that can be ‘pulled’ out of number 11. That’s the day when there are all the prerequisites for achieving all your important goals.

The two 11s generally carry great potential for turning to oneself, working for spiritual and mental growth and cleansing. Today you will be able to understand the causes of your problems much more effectively and find solutions. You have a strong sixth sense. The day is good for working on important projects.
The code represented by 4 units (number mirroring) is our link to the spirit world, and a reminder that we are part of the whole. We cannot stop when it seems to us that we have achieved what we are pleased with. It is a day that makes us pay more attention to things that are happening in and around our lives. That is the day we need to keep our egos under control.
11.11 we will understand ourselves better. We will know what we need to do to become a better version of ourselves. You will have inspiration and do things you would not normally do. That can be a little scary. Overall, the positive will prevail.
Today 11.11. at 11.11-imagine the wish.


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