HOUSE CALLS dr.brandt products provide dermatological treatments in your own home

The HOUSE CALLS line is inspired by procedures in dermatology offices. Its products deliver maximum results with minimal time invested.
Thanks to the HOUSE CALLS line from Dr. brandt’s lab. HOUSE CALLS line can be done dermatological treatments in your own home. House Calls consists of eight cosmetic products that target problematic areas of the skin. They replicate constant and current results. In addition to being inspired by dermatology procedures, their revolutionary technology ensures instant and high levels of efficacy. Delivers maximum results with minimum time invested.

The HOUSE CALLS line contains well-known dermatological products: microdermabrasion – microdermoabrasion, needles no more cream, oxygen facial oxygen mask, swelling and dark skin gel (needles no more – no more baggage), lip and volume care primer (3D LIP PLUMPFIX), hyaluronic facial cream, neck sculpting cream and 2 in 1 foam – chemical peels and radiance (radiance resurfacing foam).

The microdermabrasion product is one of the most well-known products of dr.brandt dermatological cosmetics. It is inspired by the cosmetic treatment of microdermabrasion, and with its formulation offers brilliant results, visible after the first use. A formula made of lactic acid and a fine aluminum oxide crystal gently removes dead skin cells. The result is instantly mirrored in revitalized, radiant and healthy skin, with one-stroke treatment reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
Dr.brandt radiance resurfacing foam is another product, created as an alternative to expensive and uncomfortable cosmetic treatments known as dermoplaning. Unlike dermoplaning, which removes the surface layer of the scalpel blade, radiant resurfacing foam with its non-invasive effect achieves maximum results with minimal time spent! The results are visible after the first application. In 60 seconds, the skin takes on a healthy, refreshed and radiant appearance.
Needles no more cream dr.brandt HOUSE CALLS is the best choice (if you are looking for a cream that affects the muscles of the face, causes them to tighten and smooth mimic wrinkles). This unique cream targets the lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and the end of the eyes. The ingredients of this cream include a powerful blend of three peptides and minerals that will visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in an instant.
Dr. Brandt HOUSE CALLS products are down 30 percent before the upcoming holidays. Now is the perfect time to see why Dr. Brandt’s signature products have forever changed the rules of the game in the world of preparative cosmetics.

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