How a woman can regulate her hormones naturally

One of the cornerstones of every woman’s health is the optimal hormonal balance. When this delicate balance is disturbed, serious physical and psychological problems arise.
Stress becomes a more powerful cause of a hormonal disorder, especially in today’s time when our daily life is driven by the accelerated pace of life. Women often give more than their maximum to keep their family and business life on stable feet.
Most women have health problems due to hormonal disorders. The consequences are worrying – almost 80% of women experienced some type of pain during menstruation. 70% have uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.
Such physical problems are often a prelude to emotional problems, as they directly affect women’s self-esteem. Particularly severe are the symptoms that occur when entering menopause – mood swings, heat attacks, insomnia, weight gain, hair loss and night sweats.
An effective, safe and natural way to restore optimal hormonal balance is possible thanks to Femmenessence preparations. These products have been proclaimed (due to their extremely clever efficiency) the best female preparation in the world.
Women who have been diagnosed with a hormonal disorder are most often credited with hormone replacement therapy. What makes Femmenessence special about this type of therapy? Femmenessence preparations are 100% natural product. They do not introduce synthetic or animal hormones into the body, but stimulate the body to regulate hormone production only. It brings hormones to a level optimal for the overall health of the female body. Clinical studies have confirmed that Femmenessence is effective in more than 80% of cases.
Femmanessence products are divided into three categories, according to the age of the woman.
MacaPause (for women over 55) restores libido, heart and bone health by restoring hormonal balance. Successfully regulates sweating and dryness of the intimate area.
MacaHarmony will restore hormonal balance to women in the most important period of their lives: from their teens to their 40s. It successfully regulates menstrual cycles, reduces painful periods, symptoms of PMS, and improves mood and energy levels.
MacaLife (age 45-55) is aimed at women approaching menopause. Effectively reduces heat waves, dryness of intimate areas, night sweats. Promotes libido, heart and bone health.
“Femmenessence is the best thing a woman can do for her hormonal health,” says Dr. med. Stefan Engelbrecht, Specialist Gynecologist. His testimony is built on three key elements: the knowledge, experience, and satisfaction of patients whose life-changing benefits of Femmenessence have been transformed.

Dr. Stefan Engelbrecht provides free counseling services. Femmenessence products are available in pharmacies.

MacaLifeFor Perimenopause – Femmenessence

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