What is life like in the eyes of a homeless person

Mr Mile Mrvalj is now homeless. He became homeless by accident. We can all become homeless. We never know in advance what life brings us and what our decisions are good and which are wrong. Mr. Mile came from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Zagreb (Croatia) by playing fate and life.

Mile’s life story is a classic. He wanted to edit the art gallery. He bought a gallery, hired two people. Equipped the gallery and raised credit. He mortgaged his apartment. The gallery collapsed, the apartment lost and he became homeless.

He learned firsthand that a homeless person could become any of us. Or at least most of them. Because we cannot be prepared for as many challenges as life can bring us. And we would hardly enjoy old friendships, new family support, and the many choices we always have in the new conditions.

The turning point is when you realize that you are left alone. Yes, it is not the end of the world, but it is the end of the life you had and the beginning of one another – awkward, uncertain, cruel. A life in which existential needs, after a long and painful struggle, have killed a sense of pride, security, shame and revived others – anger, anger, despair…
Life goes on. You look at it like a cruel movie where everyone has something. All of yours has gone astray and gone. You are sad by day, desperate at night. You’re human, but you’re not human anymore. You’re more like a dog, sometimes you’re not even a dog.

Mile is a former homeless man today. He pulled away, but he didn’t forget. He has a residence and an ID. He has its own association – Fighter. You know, to fight life. Not much can be done for the homeless. We can make their life a little easier for them. If life teaches us to see them in the right light. No judgment and unnecessary comments.

-Mile says: If you can help the homeless man- help him. If not, leave him alone because he’s hard enough.

However, if you are interested in what Zagreb is like in the eyes of the homeless, join the educational tour that Mile organizes almost daily. You will look at this city from another angle. You will see what you did not notice. You will awaken your sensibilities and you will feel happiness only at the thought of a warm home waiting for you.

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