Phoenix flower or Natalia’s ramonda

Natalia ramonda (Lat.Ramonda nathalie) is a specific flower known as “Phoenix Flower”. Ramonda is known for her stamina. When fully dried, it can come to life if water is poured. So Ramonda continues her life.
It is an endemic species of the Western Balkans. It grows in Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Greece. It is on the list of rare, endangered and endemic plants of Europe. This flower is a strictly protected species. In folk speech, it is called the Easter flower because (in addition to being revived after watering as a phoenix) it blooms at Easter. In Europe (except ramondi), only two types of flowers have the capacity for anabiosis.
ramonda 2
Biologists say Ramonda survived from the Ice Age. This flower found its refuge in stony, mountainous soil.

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