Unicorn-shaped bath and gloves

jednorog 2

If your hands are always cold or you have poor circulation, you can try Angie USB Unicorn Heaters.
This is a kind of version of fingerless gloves made of soft cotton and polyester. The gloves warm the hands with a universal serial bus. Plug them into any device with a USB port. It will heat up very quickly. You will be able to type on your computer or perform other activity.
The gloves have a universal unisex size that can be adjusted to your own needs with the help of an adjustable strap. You can choose the heating level – from low to high.
Cute Unicorn Fingerless Gloves are on sale at http://www.smoko.com for $ 34. Although it is a cute model of a hand warmer that will appeal to children (this model is not for children under six).

Bath with unicorn dust, vanilla and cherry scent
On a cooler autumn evening, there is nothing better than relaxing in a warm bath after a busy week. The bath is pink in color, smells irresistible and contains “unicorn dust”.
Thanks to Miss Patisserie’s vegan products, you can buy a product with sparkling additives called “unicorn dust” on the Asos web site.
To get the pink color of the water and immerse yourself in the bath, it is enough to add one piece of ‘unicorn dust’ (which begins to melt and turn into foamy bubbles) in warm water.
jednorog kupka
The warm bath has many benefits that affect our health and overall mood. According to Dr. Ed Paz of Wolverhampton University, a bath at the end of the day significantly elevates mood. It is the result of a combination of pleasant water temperature, the fact that we are alone with our thoughts without distractions. The mood improves due to the position of our body.
Our mind associates horizontal or semi-seated posture with relaxation and vulnerability. This comes to light while enjoying a bath that is partly reminiscent of staying in your mother’s womb. Water heat also stimulates the production of seratonin or the happiness hormone. The effect is enhanced by the addition of foamy ingredients such as “unicorn dust” to the water.
Water heat also significantly affects muscle inflammation. The bath is a great help to people with skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema. If we do not suffer from any of these diseases, a warm bath can affect the appearance of our skin (it opens pores and allows more efficient removal of deposits from the skin). A warm bath can help us fall asleep faster, which is why it is recommended for those with insomnia problems.
A warm healing bath is available through the Asos website (www.asos.com ). The price of the bath is 12 euros.


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