A cup of warm water before morning coffee (cleanses the intestines, relieves pain and dissolves body weight)

Instead of coffee, tea or food that you bring into your body after waking, start the day with a cup of plain warm water.
1.Cleans the gut
Regular consumption of warm water in the morning cleans the body of toxins. Water stimulates digestion. It stimulates the digestive system. Hot water dissolves food more quickly and facilitates digestion. If you drink cold water during or after a meal, it will thicken the fats in the food, slow down metabolism and create fatty deposits in the intestines. Drinking a glass of warm water after eating will stimulate digestion.

2. It facilitates constipation
The cramps, bloating and other symptoms are very uncomfortable that can make it difficult for a normal life. Drinking a glass of warm water every morning (on an empty stomach) will not cause you constipation problems.

3. It relieves pain
Hot water is believed to be one of the most powerful natural remedies for relieving menstrual pain. It relaxes the abdominal muscles, relieves cramps and pain. Hot water is ideal for cramps because it stimulates the capillary circulation and relaxes the muscles.
4. Heat the pounds
If you are planning to lose weight, do not miss this short and healthy morning ritual. Hot water increases body temperature and promotes metabolism. This way your body will burn more calories. It will also support the proper functioning of vital organs, including the kidneys.

5. It slows down aging
If you take the habit of drinking a glass of warm water every morning, you will do yourself a great favor. The presence of toxins in the body accelerates aging. Due to the fact that warm water cleanses the body of toxins, it automatically slows down the aging process and increases skin elasticity.
Tip plus
Squeeze some lemon into a glass of warm water. This drink balances the pH factor, boosts immunity and speeds up the weight loss process.

cover photo: http://www.pinterest.com

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