Free accommodation and 900 euros in pocket money in the Italian town of Grottole

Airbnb’s creative team has invited everyone interested to spend 3 months enjoying the romantic place of Grottole
There are a number of beautiful and unexplored places in the world that are not offered by travel agencies. These places include Grottole, a small town in the unexplored Basilicati in southern Italy. This city is chronically lacking in residents that they have decided to offer people to spend 3 months for FREE!
The city of Grottole is listed on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites. The organization’s leading people have raised concerns about the population decline in this picturesque city. Airbnb (a platform for renting apartments to tourists) has decided to help the city of Grottole. Otherwise prices on Airbnb are not high, the opportunity has never been favorable so far.
Airbnb has launched a public call for 4 people who will be living in the house for free for three months (in wonderful nature with an additional cash benefit).

For the first month, 4 lucky people will learn about the history and cultural heritage of the city. She will participate in the events of the City of Grottole and volunteer for the NGO Wonder Grottole. The goal of the NGO is to revitalize downtown and fill 629 vacant homes. The four selected individuals (except for free accommodation in the house) will receive 900 euros in pocket money.

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