Magnetic shoe inserts magnetotherapy + reflexology Fusseparen

Pain, numbness, muscle tension are everyday problems? Today, due to sedentary lifestyles and poor nutritional quality of food, we often experience complaints related to abnormal functioning of the body. Is there a way to feel relief?

The answer to this question may be the ancient art of reflexology and modern magnetotherapy.

A combination of acupressure and magnetotherapy
A combination of acupressure and magnetotherapy
What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an old Asian art of influencing the whole body by oppressing the points on the leg. Practitioners of this method believe that there is a specific map of the organism on the leg – each organ has its point. Reflexology lies in the fact that, by appropriate pressure, this point affects the body and improves its functioning.

What is Magnetotherapy?
Magnetic field variable therapy (better known as magnetotherapy) is a popular method of interaction at the muscles, joints and nervous system that is often used in rehabilitation. This involves the use of magnets whose field has the ability to penetrate tissues.

What is Fusseparen?
Fusseparen is a comfortable shoe boat equipped with a studs massaging system designed according to the principles of reflexology. Massage is produced through natural pressure, which is produced during walking.

How is Fusseparen used?
Using Fusseparen is very easy – just put the inserts in your shoes and … You will do what you normally do. Walk. It’s that simple.
Why use Fusseparen?
A combination of magnetotherapy and reflexology
Convenient and easy to use
The respiratory material does not adhere to the skin
Caring for the balance of the whole organism
Fits all shoe sizes
The rulers of Fusseparen are designed for every person who wants to take care of the relaxation and proper functioning of the whole body. The inserts can be used by people of different ages, both very active and household.

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