Cotton shopping bags are not the best replacement for plastic bags

2019-07-31 08.54.54
You want to live ecologically and prevent global disasters like ocean destruction or climate change. The formula is simple – use things repeatedly and buy new ones less often. Plastic bags do not break down. They pollute the oceans, life in the seas and the environment in general. More water, energy and other resources are consumed to make an organic cotton bag. Therefore, organic cotton bags are not the best replacement for plastic bags.
The media pays the most attention to articles on plastic bags. Experts say there is no easy answer when you need to choose between a cotton bag and a plastic shopping bag. Some say cotton and paper bags are not a good solution, Quartz writes. They claim to be more environmentally friendly, low density plastic polyethylene bags. You can recognize them for being ‘more transparent’ than classic ones.
Danish ecologists claim that their incineration does less harm than with cotton bags. Organic cotton is worse than classic cotton when it comes to overall environmental impact. Its production pollutes the environment more than the production of ordinary cotton. Much energy and water are consumed, although less fertilizers and pesticides are used.
They should be used 20,000 times more than ordinary cotton bags to be more useful than them. Cotton cannot be recycled successfully because there is little infrastructure for it. Making paper bags also has a bad impact on the environment. Paper bags are worse than polythene bags because they make the forests shrink. According to Danish environmentalists, the best solution is to use any sacks or shopping bags (that you have in your home). Don’t throw them away. Use them until they fall apart. Don’t buy new ones.

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