Paint Your Life in Green

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Planet Earth has gone through the warmest five-year period ever recorded. The Amazon rainforest was burning, the glaciers were melting. We, the inhabitants of the Earth, can make a lot of steps to save our planet through small steps and small changes of habits. We help planet Earth by drinking water from recycled plastic bottles or buying local produce. Nutrition, care for recycling and environmental habits in our home can contribute to environmental conservation.

In addition to physiological reactions to colors, the psychology of colors also studies the cultural – traditional frameworks that are embedded in people ‘s consciousness. That’s how he analyzes colors.
According to the psychology of color, green means harmony and balance, symbolizing peace, renewal and hope.
People who love green are generally honest and sociable, but they can be quite self-deprecating, humble and patient. Green denotes firmness, persistence, consistency and determination. From the perspective of the meaning of colors, green is the color of growth, renewal, and rebirth. It is the color of prosperity, abundance and material wealth.
Green-colored things and objects symbolize growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. They have a strong emotional attachment to security. Dark green is often associated with money.
Green has great healing power. It is the color that most calms and can enhance vision. Green suggests stability and durability. Sometimes it denotes a lack of experience. It shows growth and hope on flags and coats of arms. In contrast to red, green in traffic means safe passage.
When marketing herbal and medical products, you can use green to emphasize safety. It is directly related to nature, so it can be used to promote “green” products.
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The dirty, dark green color is associated with money, banking, stocks and the world of finance.
Dark green is associated with ambition, greed and jealousy.
Yellow green can indicate illness, cowardice, disagreement and envy.
Blue green is associated with emotional healing and protection.
Olive green is traditionally the color of peace.
Green-colored eating habits
Buying local fruits and vegetables may be the first thing we can introduce into our daily routine. In this way, we support the local economy. Also, groceries and food get to your table a lot faster. This consumes less fuel and produces less greenhouse gas. The food is fresher, healthier and tastes better (as it traveled to our table and kitchen for a short time). Whether we live in an apartment building or our own house, we can plant our own garden or edible potted plants (such as basil or rosemary). This is how we control how we feed / grow our plants, fruits and vegetables. We buy less food in stores wrapped in plastic.
Using recycled plastic bottles
The next step may be to select a water bottle made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The labels on these bottles most often have labels and slogans Let’s Protect Our Nature, Choose Green, Green for a reason. All of these signs mean a commitment to sustainable development. At the same time, they allow consumers to make choices that contribute to environmental protection. One million plastic bottles are used every minute in the world. Only 9 percent are recycled. By using recycled plastic water bottles, we become part of the change to a cleaner environment.

Let’s adopt Green habits in our lives
You can replace the plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush. Place the cruise control in the shower so that water does not flow constantly while showering. You can transfer habits at home to work, to travel. Rent a bicycle or electric transport ramp to reduce atmospheric emissions.

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