UNICORN HOUSE (MILANO, ITALY) I Pink House with Unicorn Garden (Tiptree, UK)

jednorog hotel
Each year, Unicorn Day is celebrated on April 9th. The unicorn is currently the most popular mythological being in the world
The unicorn house is located in the center of Milan. It is available during City Design Week. It’s a totally magical and personalized experience. Everything (floor to ceiling, including linens, furniture and the facade of the building) is covered in magical horns, stars, soft clouds and dazzling rainbows.
A mythological creature with one horn brings colors and magic into our lives. It’s been very popular for years. Unicorn madness is a worldwide phenomenon dominating the internet – it connects to more than 9 million posts on Instagram alone.
All hotel guests on Unicorn Day receive a package full of little things with unicorn motifs. They can participate in a pastry course where, led by renowned cake designer Eleonor di Simione (Nana & Nana cakes), they will learn more about designing cakes with the aforementioned motifs.

After sleeping in a personalized bedroom with linens, bathrobes, pajamas and unicorn-style slippers, guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the same style. This dream stay designed to exceed all expectations of the world’s biggest unicorn lovers!
kuća 2
Alberto Yates states, “This colorful and imaginative holiday home is just one example of our 5.7 million properties, which include holiday homes, apartments and other unique accommodations that can be booked on Booking.com. We are happy to invite guests to stay at the Unicorn House and give them a wonderful and magical experience! ”
unicorn milano
Location and address of The Unicorn House: Via Santa Cecilia 4, Milano Centro, 20122 Milano, Italia.
Pink Unicorn House (Tiptree, UK)
The main attraction in the British town of Tiptree is a pink house with a “unicorn” garden. Owner Amy Griffith looks after her. Griffith spent ten years renovating the house.
Quite an ordinary house in Tiptree, Amy Griffith, 43, turned ten years into an extravagant pink empire. Her empire attracts curious people from all over the world. The house can be rented for a dizzying £ 2,400 per night. One of the guests so far has been singer Iggy Azalea.
Amy saw the house in pink, gilding, brindle pattern, room, lounge, kitchen, flower staircase, etc. There is a unicorn in the yard.
Amy Griffith bought a house with a yard and six bedrooms in 2009. Her idea was to completely transform the old house. The house is dominated by pink. Amy also remodeled the yard. In the yard is a “unicorn” garden with a small island. There are three unicorns on a small island. The island is surrounded by many pebbles in a magical turquoise color.


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