Unusual New Year celebrations in the world

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In some countries of the world, New Year’s greetings are in the usual way: I wish you all the best, Good luck in the coming year, or Good luck with your upcoming summer. Some countries of the world also have somewhat unusual customs.

In an effort to predict what the individual’s financial situation will be like in the coming year, the celebrants take 3 potatoes in Argentine at the house festivities. One potato is peeled, the other potato is half-peeled and the third potato is fully peeled. They throw potatoes under the bed. After midnight, the celebrants blindfold themselves. They slip under the bed. They’re trying to find one of three potatoes. A person who retrieves unleavened potatoes in their belief will have a huge fortune in the coming year and make a lot of money. The person who retrieves the peeled potatoes in the coming year will all have pity. This is reportedly a sign that the perosn will spend a lot of money in the coming year. A person who retrieves half-potatoes will not receive or lose money in the coming year.

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South Korea
The weirdest and unusual New Year greeting card is in South Korea. There a friend congratulates the New Year with the words: Good luck. You’re very old. And he gets the answer: You, too.
When midnight strikes in Iraq, the New Year comes. Gathered around the holiday table, they start kissing each other. They then share gifts placed under the holiday pine. The holiday pine is the main tree, most often the date palm tree.
In Japan Happy New Year says: O-sho-gatzu. In this far off country, the New Year is celebrated throughout the month of January. Her arrival is heralded by the echo of the bell, which constantly hits -108 times.

photos: http://www.pinterest.com


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