15 unusual occupations that still exist in the world

Unusual jobs and unusual professions that people deal with exist in the world. You probably have never heard of many of them.

The Japanese Railways employs professional oshiya pushers whose main task is to push passengers into the train during traffic jams.

Traffic jams are most often in the morning and afternoon when people go to work and when they return home.

Persons who draw venom from dangerous snakes (redhead or cobra). The poison is used for making antidotes and for other laboratory purposes. The price for one gram is a thousand dollars.

Professional bridesmaids are the girls you hire unless you have someone to play that role at your wedding. There are companies that hire professional bridesmaids. The cost of this service is $ 300 to $ 2,000.

Iceberg shifter is a business that started after the Titanic sank. It was launched by the U.S. Coast Guard. They are looking for the location of the iceberg. They provide a safe route for the boat to go through. If necessary, the icebox is completely removed.

Professional mourners are persons who can be hired to mourn the deceased at his funeral. The UK company that rents them is called Rent A Mourner. He charges $ 70 to rent a mourner for two hours.

Dog surfing instructors can be found at numerous oceanfront resorts. It is the instructors who can teach dogs to surf the waves.
Face sensors are trained in the use of hands to evaluate the face after using a variety of lotions, creams and face cleansing products. They work part-time. They were paid $ 25 an hour.

People you can hire to anoint yourself with. An hour of pampering is $ 80. Samantha Hess, who handles the job, claims that the downside is that it carries an emotional burden.

Professional TV viewer. While this may seem like a very easy job, it’s about people who, in different TV shows, can find “clips” on a specific topic that someone needs.
People who paint urns. Mourning relatives sometimes (after cremation of the deceased) ask the artist to decorate their urn. They keep the ashes of the deceased in the urn.

Breath assessors are people who work for companies that produce chewing gum, toothpaste, or mouthwash. They evaluate the performance of these products to indicate to the manufacturer whether they need repair.

People eating dog food to evaluate whether it is of sufficient quality. They are rented by dog food manufacturers. When they try food, they usually do not swallow it.
Persons who determine the sex of chickens. Most often they are hired by poultry business.
People standing in line waiting for their clients to do some work. These are people who earn up to a thousand dollars a week.
People who write messages for happiness cookies. Annual earnings up to $ 40 thousand. They are mostly a freelance profession.
Business Insider

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