Repair destroyed clothes using these tips

2000-01-01 03.17.25

Stains on clothing, traces of sweat on clothing, broken buttons and flaps are just problems that cause garbage to be thrown away. There are many clever ways to prevent this. The decision to repair destroyed clothes instead of throwing them in the trash is beneficial to the environment.

Sweat stains on clothing
For cotton clothing:
Immerse clothing in an enzyme-based soap (stain removal powder). After soaking, wash the clothes with biological detergent in the washing machine. During the wash, add a stain remover.
To remove the odors of sweat on clothing:
Soak the clothes for 30 minutes in a sink filled with cold water. Put 5 or 6 tablespoons of baking soda in the sink. Then wash the clothes in the washing machine. Allow it to dry naturally.
Fill your training shoes with newspaper to speed up the drying process. Old newspapers will absorb odors.
Stopped closures on clothing
2000-01-01 03.05.49
A zipper stuck to your jacket, dress, or other garment? Rub on both sides with petroleum jelly, some clear soap or olive oil. Be careful not to spill liquids onto the fabric.
Deodorant or perfume stains
Soak clothes with such stains, before washing in a washing machine, in cold water. Apply white vinegar to areas where stains are visible.
Traces of lipsticks or lip glosses
If the stain is small, it will disappear if you rub your clothes with a little liquid detergent. Then wash it in the washing machine.
After washing the colors of the clothes are different from the old colors
When it comes to white garments that have changed color during washing, soak them in a solution of home bleach. Hold for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process until all the paint has been removed.

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