The internet is great, but …

The internet, search engines and articles have become our everyday life in recent years. As this technology advances, we become more aware that we spend hours and hours online. Reading what we find interesting, exploring, or simply inadvertently staring at your computer screen. This is great because all the information is available to us faster than the old days. Yet, often when we talk about the past, we say “good old days.” No matter how difficult, beautiful, sad or turbulent we are, we remember them with remembrance, emotions and love.
The internet is great if we know how to use it wisely. By no means should we allow ourselves to become addicted to it and cannot, for example, imagine a day without the Internet.
The internet is great because it helps us with the work we do and our daily lives. By no means must we ignore the print media, books, solid literature and other physically tangible material that has helped the generations ahead of us in their lives. And, that helps still. Because everything that came to the web portals was previously written down somewhere on paper. People just rewrite and supplement everything they write with new information.
The Internet is great because we can instantly connect all the people on Earth. We can talk to all the people on Earth. Literally every person we look for (sooner or later) we can find and contact. We must never forget an old good postal phone number, a letter, a postcard, or a written birthday card or other important date. This is how we truly show our emotions. We tell dear people that we care. When a dear person receives a greeting card or letter written by your hand, even though you may be miles away, you are present with that dear person. At that moment you became a part of her real life. When the letter is read, the magic disappears. The letter remains. To be read again sometime.
The internet is great because all the information of the world is available to us immediately. We can know just about all the information (from the past, present and future) as we search the web portals. Still, a nice good book or encyclopedia can help our psyche a lot and make us feel better. As we flip through old books, magazines or encyclopedias, it is as if we are navigating time. We are no longer in reality, but somewhere far, far away from our reality for hundreds of years. The feeling is fantastic. With a cup of your favorite tea, we can really enjoy an event from the distant past and our favorite book for hours.
The internet is great because on big or small devices we keep on our desk, in our pocket, etc. we get a glimpse of the whole world. Our mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, laptop, etc. travels with us and helps us. However, we sometimes need to intentionally leave (forget) our devices in our home and embark on a purposeless walk. Who knows what that walk might result from? New friendship, acquaintance, new job. The possibilities are endless.
The internet is great because it saves us endless time. In an instant, we know what we are looking for even in the smallest detail. With Google, we have the whole world in the palm of our hand, in our little room, at our little table. Sometimes, though, we need to “stretch out” time. Don’t even look at the calendar. Just watching the sky, listening to the birds, watching the leaves fall, people walking or rushing somewhere, just watching, listening and watching. Pure pleasure.
Finally, let’s be grateful that the world has given us the internet. We use the internet and everything it provides, but I do not forget that we are still humans. With all the emotions we are born with and carry within us as we live.
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