Tips from some countries around the world to help people around the world

All people in the world have a common concern for a better life, beauty and health. There are different tips in different parts of the world that people adhere to for the sake of better living.
Switzerland – Immunity is strengthened by movement
The residents of Switzerland carry out their duties and duties on foot or by bicycle. They burn only 63 more calories a day. Regular movement stimulates white blood cells to create hormones to fight infections. Scientists and researchers at Appalachia State University in North Carolina say they reduce their risk of disease by 55 percent.

Finland – steam extracts toxins from the sauna and boosts energy
Slow liver and kidney function can lead to the buildup of toxins. This can make us feel bad. Therefore, people in Finland use saunas and hot tubs. Some research has shown that steam opens pores. It accelerates circulation to eliminate toxins from the body.
sauna 2
Germany – Weight loss potatoes
In Germany, twice as many potatoes are eaten than other countries in the world. They are 94 percent less likely to gain weight during the fall and winter months. Researchers at the University of Maine say the herbal combination of tryptophan, potassium and magnesium is triple satiety. It helps suppress the craving for snacks and boosts metabolism.
Japan – The smell of jasmine flower reduces stress
The Japanese are known for being constantly on the move. They use jasmine flowers to help relieve stress everywhere. The sweet smell has been used in Japan since the 13th century. Japanese researchers have found that inhaling the floral scent limits stress. It triggers the release of a soothing chemical in the brain in two minutes.
Japan – hanging out with a dog
The Japanese feel calm when they find a sense of purpose. Purdue University scientists say taking care of a pet or plant for 15 minutes a day reduces stress by 33 percent.
India – Ginger tea cures headache
In India, ginger is a seasonal spice. This spice is a traditional headache remedy. Ginger compounds called gingerols stimulate the production of endorphins, which help with pain and relieve inflammation. A study in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that these compounds relieve headache just as effectively as over-the-counter medicines.
Portugal – Kindness and good sleep
Portugal calls itself a “friendly country” thanks to its culture of goodness. Residents keep the door open to strangers and intentional travelers. Sharing home meals with neighbors. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh say such actions increase the work of sleep-promoting hormones. Double the risk of insomnia.
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