The tree is every perennial herb

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According to botany – a tree is any perennial plant. It consists of roots, visible wooden trunk and canopy. The canopy consists of branches, leaves or needles.
There are evergreen and deciduous trees. The minimum height that distinguishes a tree from a shrub is usually 3 m to 6 m.
The trees should be at least 10 cm in diameter. Plants that do not have a tree or have a tree that is not as described are not considered the same.
Plants that do not meet these conditions are classified in shrubs. A shrub is actually a plant that does not have a tree.
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Shrubs branch almost from the very surface of the earth. It does not have a single main tree. It consists of several or many stems of the same size (more or less). Shrubs, for example, are roses, currants and blackberries.
There are a number of important functions in the tree: nutrient and water transport, photosynthesis and storage.
Herbaceous plants are plants that do not have a tree. We recognize them by fragile, soft and green trees, which mainly play a role in photosynthesis. These plants do not form secondary tissue (cambium and felogen). Because of this, their trees do not gain weight. Herbaceous plants do not have perennial above-ground shoots. This means that their aboveground organs of the plants die out at the end of the growing season. They can be: one-year, two-year and multi-year
Annual herbaceous plants begin and end their life cycle during one growing season. Such plants are cereals, corn and arsenic.
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Plants of vines or shoots belong to plants that do not have a solid tree. They attach to other plants.

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